Himalayan Salt Plate

A Salt Plate isn’t necessarily going to be first on your kitchen must-have supply list, but it is one that should be on your really want list.

SousChef sent us their Himalayan Salt Plate to review, the idea behind a Salt Plate is for it to naturally absorbs salt and healthy minerals into the food you place on it and my goodness, does it work, adding a wonderful layer of salt onto the underbelly of whatever you place on top, enhancing the flavours for you.

You can use it for either hot or cold foods, you can also cook on it, you just need to warm the plate up first, so to avoid it cracking. You can also cool it down in the fridge like I did when testing it out with a piece of raw salmon, the salmon absorbs the natural minerals and salt from the Salt Plate.

How did the Salt Plate affect the Salmon? The salt plate works perfectly, adding a layer of salt to the bottom of the fish, I never lost any of the savoury salmon flavours.

When cleaning the Salt Plate, as it’s a natural item, you shouldn’t use any soap, just wet a cloth and rub it clean, it should last for about 2 full years before needing to replace it.

Oliver Walkey

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