How To Put On A Successful Work Party For Your Employees

Planning a work party can be a challenge. It’s unlikely you’re going to put on the best party ever (especially if you’ve got a small budget to work with). At the same time, you don’t want the party to completely suck.

Most people are not going to be expecting a wild party, especially as their boss and colleagues will be present, however you can still make sure that everyone has a good time by considering some of the following tips…

Allow your staff to help plan it

You don’t have to plan the entire party alone. In fact, your employees are likely to appreciate the party more if they played a part in planning it. If you’ve got a large workforce, you may find that it’s better to assemble a party planning team rather than letting everyone chip in.

Choose the right date

You should consider what date is best for hosting your party. It’s worth planning at least a month or two in advance. You can throw your party on any day. A popular choice for nine-to-five weekday businesses is Thursday – it’s towards the end of the week, but still gives your employees Friday night to Sunday night to get away from anything work-related. If your party may run late into the night, consider giving employees the morning or day off after.

Consider getting out of the office

Hosting your party in the office could save you money, however you could find that it’s harder for everyone to get out of work mode. If you haven’t got a large team and hiring your own space for the evening is too expensive, consider simply meeting in a bar or restaurant.

Choose the right food and drink

If you’re supplying food and drink, think carefully about your options. An easy option is to order some pizzas and get everyone to bring their own drinks. If you’re supplying food, you’ll need to consider everyone’s dietary requirements and preferences. When it comes to drinks, provide a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Organise some games

Games can help to break the ice and get people in a more playful mood. This site lists some great office party games that could be worth playing.

Consider a fancy dress theme

A fancy dress theme could help to make the event more fun by forcing everyone to get out of work mode. You and your team can work together to choose a theme. If it’s an end of year party, you could consider planning a new theme each year.

Buy gifts

If you’re throwing a leaving party for a special employee, it could be worth getting everyone to chip in for a leaving gift. If you’re throwing a Xmas party, consider giving everyone a small present such as these corporate Christmas gifts. It could also be a great time for opening presents if you’ve organised a secret Santa event.

Host awards

A end-of-year work party could be a great time to give out awards to employees that you feel deserve recognition for their accomplishments. You could even consider buying trophies or plaques.

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