Hosting An Event? Take It On The Road!

Traveling with an event or show can help you appeal to all kinds of new audiences. Whether you’re planning a trade fair, a corporate event, a concert or any other kind of show, consider taking it on the road. Learn how to take your event around towns and cities and you could enjoy the experience of traveling while also making money.

Once you get the hang of taking your show to new cities, it’ll become familiar, and you’ll find it easy to hit places all over the country. You could even take it overseas. Before taking your event on the road, there are some things you’ll need to consider. Here’s some advice.


The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure you have places to host your event. Check what’s available in each area you plan to travel to and be prepared to pay hiring fees. There are plenty of options for venues.

An easy way to go about this is to search for community and venue halls. Town halls also host events, and you could look into local music venues if you’re hosting a gig. You can also hire parks and fields if you’re looking to host an  They will have large halls and playgrounds perfect for hosting child-friendly shows and fairs.


In order to take your event somewhere new, you’ll need to pack up and move your equipment. Equipment can include all kinds of things. Tables, lighting, speakers and stage packages are all used for various events. Whatever you’re planning to use, you’ll need to find reliable methods of transport.

You could use your car to carry some equipment, but if you have a lot, you might need a helping hand. There are services which specialize in transporting equipment, such as Eon Logistics. Hiring freight services is the most efficient way to move anything you need for your event.

It’s worth getting some easy-to-transport equipment. Folding tables are useful for logistical purposes. You can also get stage packages designed for ease of transport. It’s worth hiring people to help you set up and take down equipment to manage your event more efficiently.


Once you have your event all planned out, it’s important to make sure people actually come. When you’re taking your event around the country, you’ll need to do marketing for every place you visit.

Contact local newspapers and inform them of your event. Most would be happy to write a story about it and advertise it to locals. You could also get your event listed in local directories, so people looking for something to do will come across your event.

You should also make posters and flyers. These should state concisely when, where, and why people should attend. You could hand out flyers to locals and get posters put up in cafes and stores. You should also put your poster online. Using social media is a great way to get news out of your event to many more people.



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