How a business could create its own on-site digital signage with a Raspberry Pi?

Are you considering digital signage for your business? Whatever your needs may be, you can count on Raspberry Pi to do the job for you. All you need is a Raspberry Pi and a reliable digital signage software. You can find the latest models along with the support on various platforms such as the Pi Hut. Also, you may want to check out piSignage for a digital signage solution. Below you will find some examples of what Raspberry Pi can do for your business.

1. Welcome screen

You could use Raspberry Pi in setting up the welcome screen in your office. This could be the first thing your customers or visitors see when they come in. You can change it from time to time

depending on what is going on in your business. For example, if you have an event going on, you can place directions for visitors. If there is a speaker coming to your building, you could have their face featured there. If there is any information you would like your customers to know about, you could easily arrange it to be visible on your welcome screen.

2. Picture gallery

If you would like to feature images from your work, creating a picture gallery may be the ideal route for you. By using Raspberry Pi you can design a library of images which could rotate on a regular basis. This could be suitable if you run a photography business and you would like to showcase your work to potential customers passing by your studio. You will also have the flexibility to change the images around as you wish. Another great idea would be to have pre-designed templates to keep your displays engaging and interesting.

3. Promotional videos

If you are a doctor or dentist, you may want to have a television set up for your patients. However, instead of displaying the news or normal television channels in the waiting room, Raspberry Pi can help you feature any promotional videos you have. You could run these videos in a loop for your audience to watch throughout the day. It is easy to set this up by producing a video for your business using video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro. You also have the option to play them with or without audio.

4. Data dashboards

Another useful way to use Raspberry Pi is by displaying data dashboards on digital signage screens. This could help your employees stay focused and communicate better while also increasing their motivation. For example, instead of having your employees compile sales reports, dashboards can automate the whole process showing data in real time. This will help the team celebrate successes together or face failures as a group. Data dashboards will help your business stay on track and develop new strategies based on your past performance.

The list of options of how you can use your Raspberry Pi for on-site digital signage are certainly endless. You can begin by implementing these examples and see which ones work best for your business.


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