Mirabeau Dry Gin & Tonic Canettes

More and more we are seeing companies placing their drinks inside of a can, there are two reasons I can think of why, it’s more environmentally friendly than a bottle and it’s easy and hassle free to enjoy, just pick up a can, click it open and enjoy, no need for a glass, or any washing up afterward, just throw the can away for recycling.

Mirabeau, a company that creates Wine and Gin and have recently released Mirabeau Dry Gin & Tonic Canettes, combining their delicious pink gin with tonic water.

They arrived nicely and securely packaged, Mirabeau’s name is clear on the front along with the fact that it is a Rosé Dry Gin & Tonic, Mirabeau uses a nice shade of pink that becomes recognizable with the brand.

The next logical step would be to see how it tastes, so let’s open a can and dive right in.

Tasting Notes “Lavender, Jasmine, Thyme and Rosemary bring a herbaceous and floral character to the mix.”

It’s best served chilled with a couple of ice cubes, the drink is soft and elegant with that recognisable tonic kick at the end, if you’re looking for a light and relaxing gin and tonic, then Mirabeau might be one you want to look into.

Oliver Walkey

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