How can businesses use social media?

If you have a business but are not quite sure whether social media will help you with it, this blog post will show you how social media is being used by businesses now and how it could help you.
CommunityGetting all of your customers to come together on a site because of a shared interest builds a community around a brand or product.  Some businesses use their social media pages as a place where customers can talk about the product to both the company and other customers.

Generate leads

Having a social media presence and being active on social media sites through your company page or through your personal page/employee pages allows people that you may not have been able to target through other marketing avenues to find out about you and what you offer.  This generate interest for your offering.

New product development

Having a community on your social media pages allows you to ask customers for their feedback on your products or services, allowing you to improve them.  It gives you a direct communication channel with your customers.  You can also give sneak previews of new products on your social media pages.  The benefits are that your customers feel valued as you take on board their feedback.  They will also feel priviledged to be the first ones to see your new products.


You can use social media to generate sales through your pages.  Promoting your products and services through your social media page posts can direct people to your website where they can buy.


Having a social media page is different to having a website which you may want to appear more formal and professional.  On your social media page, you need to allow the personality of your brand to come through so that customers feel they can connect to you.  Your posts on your pages always need to reflect your personality and need to be consistent.


Make sure you have as much information about your company as you can on your social media pages so that if people come across them they know what you offer straight away and can go through to your website if they want to.  Your social media pages can even appear above your website in a Google search, so make sure it has all the necessary information on.


Use your social media pages for promotions from your business, exclusive to those who follow you on social media.  This will make your followers feel special and will encourage more people to follow your page if they think they are getting exclusive offers.



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