How Can You Earn Money as a Blogger?

Even though video content continues to be on the rise, Blogging is still a viable activity on some niches. At the same time, reading material will mean that you will manage to avoid being interrupted by marketing ads, as we see on YouTube and other video platforms. So in case you have a hobby and you would like to share your insights to an audience, you should also be aware that there are a few ways to monetize your skills.

Banners and Marketing Tools

One of the least disturbing ways to include advertisements on your blog is by using banners or other similar marketing tools. The audience will be able to read the content and at the same time and in case the banner will advertise an interesting product or service, it is up to their decision to click on it and visit the appropriate website.

What’s even more important to note is that marketing tools such as banners are provided by your affiliate program, in case you choose to join one. Your only job will be to create high-quality content and attract as many viewers as possible and if the banners will be relevant to them, they won’t hesitate to click and take a look.

Product Placements

Finding the right balance between free valuable content and product placements will be one of the most important challenges to overcome. In order to not sound too commercial, you must constantly update your readers with free and interesting information. At the same time, there won’t be any problem with advertising relevant products. The key is to only work with companies that sell relevant products for your niche. Constantly monitor the feedback you get from your readers and if a specific product is not up to their taste, remove it!

Premium Paid Content

Although the main focus will be on providing at least 1-2 free articles per week, there’s also the possibility of creating paid content in the form of eBooks or online courses. That’s where the most valuable information should be placed, and all the free articles should only act as an introduction to what you can actually offer.

It’s important to be aware that some people won’t like your “business model” and might react negatively, That’s fine as long as there those who are interested in what you are doing. Because they think what you offer is valuable so paying for premium content won’t be an issue. Focus on providing added value and better information than your competition and things will work in your favor.


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