How Car Brands Get Social Media Right

In the world of consumer cars, bridging the gap between brand and customer has never really been that much of a challenge. Drawn in by sleek designs, cutting-edge technology and showroom display, marketing cars has always followed somewhat of a staple blueprint. Now, thanks to the rise of social media, car brands and manufacturers are tasked with new ways to reach an audience. Ways that involve more physical disconnection yet a greater emotional one.

Getting social media right, especially for the likes of Italian car and racing giant Alfa Romeo, has been something of a boon to business. Take, for example, the company’s Giulietta Sprint, a car that has gone a long way to help bring back some substance to the style of hatchback cars. Promoting and sharing photos of the Sprint across social media channels, especially Instagram and Twitter, Alfa Romeo has been able to capitalize and reach newer and different audiences than it might have otherwise (before the days of smartphones and tablets).

But the ways in which social media is helping auto companies widen their reach is much more than that. Here we take a look at its broader impact in the car trading world.

The Power of Social

According to a 2014 CMO Council report on social analytics in the auto industry, car buyers are becoming ever increasingly engaged thanks to the rise of social media.

With report figures showing that 23 percent of car buyers use social media to discuss a recent purchase experience and with 38 percent of consumers stating they’d consult social media to consider a buying decision, the impact is significant.

Likewise when manufacturers and brands go about, much in the same way Alfa Romeo does, of posting images and video surrounding the physical aspects of models. Public interest is stoked.

Storytelling, Community and Discussion

The biggest social media takeaways for auto industry insiders are the same for most businesses adapting to new platforms. Storytelling, the ability to hook people in through a combination of visuals and text, is absolutely crucial in encouraging potential leads to come back for more.

Just as important as storytelling and just as complimentary is the ability for auto brands to engage with their customers, facilitate discussion and give them a platform to have their questions and concerns raised. Allowing people to interact with content, in the ways social media allows, is absolutely important in helping to pique the interest of people in new model launches or business news.

The last piece in the puzzle centers on community. Just as Alpha Romeo successfully uses Twitter to ask questions surrounding its content directly to its followers, other auto brands are following suit in the hopes of building a community of followers that can help share and widen their marketing reach.


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