How Do You Know Your Digital Marketing Strategies Are Working?

Marketing is like a big black hole to you. There is a never ending list of strategies that don’t seem to gel together into a cohesive structure. Being baffled by digital marketing especially is completely normal; most entrepreneurs struggle with this aspect at all stages of their career. But how do you figure out what is actually working for your business? You can try blogging, podcasting, Tweeting, SEO and many other forms of online marketing, but you need to know what is bringing in the most leads for your business. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve complete clarity for your company.


Track Your Metrics


If the word “data” scares you then it’s time to get unafraid. Your business metrics are absolutely vital when it comes to improving your marketing methods and closing more sales. Think about it, if you don’t know how people are finding your website, how are you going to put more focus into that particular platform? It’s time to start tracking your metrics and use a document automation solution as a database for all of the information. You can check the bounce rate from your website, your blog views, clicks from social media, follower gains and engagement rates. Having this information will be like gold dust for your business, so try to update it every single week.


Try and Test


When you’re just starting out it is very difficult to gauge which digital marketing platforms are going to be most effective for you. It is so important to try and test as many methods as possible in the beginning so that you can track your metrics and find the one that works for your business.


Hone in and Focus


Spend a few months trying different methods and you will soon discover the right platform for your digital marketing efforts. As soon as you hit the nail on the head it’s time to hone in and focus on one or two platforms that are most effective for your business type. Putting all of your energy into one or two platforms is much more effective than trying to be everywhere. If you find that Facebook ads are working extremely well for you, then stick with it. If your organic SEO methods are bringing game changing results then go with that. Keeping track of the methods that are working will always bring you clarity.


Do Your Research


You need to start engaging with your ideal clients and customers on a daily basis so that you can learn more about them. If you want to impress your target audience, you need to blow them away with your marketing messages every single time. Use their language, play to their emotions and make every single marketing campaign valuable and appealing to them.


Digital marketing doesn’t have to feel complicated, overwhelming and fussy. You simply need to try and test different strategies, do your research and hone in on the methods that are creating results. Many business owners try to implement every strategy under the sun, but they don’t need to. With the ideas above you will soon be crystal clear on your marketing methods.



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