How many Social Media Sites should you be Active on?

In April we will be celebrating our third year of trading. 2014 is our make or break year as we are now fully established and people hopefully know about us. Thankfully, the majority of our customers have returned to us each year, so we must be doing something right. One of my daily roles is to take the company forward and explore expanding into new areas, and at the same time, still cater for our existing customers. One of the main things I do is try and be on top of the new trend of communicating and research how people make purchases and follow new trends. I have had customers purchase our products via phone, text, email, eBay, facebook, twitter, pinterest, esty, linkedin, google plus and instagram.


We have just added a promo video to Youtube so hopefully someone will mention this soon. Some of  my older generation customers will have never heard of some of these buying platforms, but they are out there and attract millions of following and account holders. Most new platforms these days are online or via an phone or tablet App.

Recently I had a long email conversation with a customer in Western Australia who found us via ebay. To break the ice he purchased one trophy from our stock and was happy to spend three times as much getting it to him via Fedex. He lives in a quiet village miles from any major town or city. He happily spends the extra money so a courier knocks on his door, rather then driving miles and miles to a built up area. I have sent him a catalogue and he promises to use us in the future. During this conversation he said he knew of ‘The Facebook’ so will set up an account to have a look at my product photos. It is very easy to communicate with somebody on the other side of the world. Trying to keep on top of all these different types of social media takes up a lot of time and some practised time management has to take place. But if somebody wants to give me their money, I will find a way and media format to take it.



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