How Retailers Can Tell Positive Stories Using Social Media

It’s easy to get caught up in negative news, and for retailers – there’s even more of it around than you might think. From falling sales to disgruntled customers, a search online will reveal just how grim the situation can be.


So how can you turn it around? For many businesses, including retail, social media can help you get those positive stories out there and promote your business in a good light. Need some ideas to help you get started? Take a look at some tips for telling positive stories using social media.

Share your promotions

Promotions are an easy way to get attention, so if you’ve got a sale or a discount code – it’s time to get sharing. Make a big splash of your promotion and use Facebook ads to get more mileage out of it. If the results pay off and your sales increase during this period, you might want to think about adding regular promotions to your sales strategy.

Make a splash about the good things you’re doing

Consumers want to feel a closer connection to brands and have a reason to look up to them. There have been some positive stories lately about the things retailers are doing to encourage positive body image, with ASOS being a great example of a company that is changing its approach to how its clothes and models are presented. Why not try a similar approach and show off the good things that you’re doing? Customers who respond positively will be sure to share the news with their friends, as well as attract the attention of the media.

Use humour

A bit of humour is great for retailers to engage with consumers and develop better relationships. A gif or meme here and there is always well-received while creating your own original, funny content can work wonders. Why not check look for a mannequin for sale and give it it’s own personality for your account, using them as a way to promote your items? Whatever you decide to do, make sure the humour is clean and inoffensive – the last thing you’d want is for a seemingly innocent comment to blow up into a Twitter storm!

Involve your customers

Fans of your brand can help you create some of your best content for social media. It’s worth monitoring how they interact with your brand and how they talk about you and contact them to see if you can share their stories. Most fans of your business would love a shoutout, and once you start handing them out – people will try harder to get them. From sharing positive reviews to commenting and engaging on their content, there are some amazing things you can do to connect with your followers online.


Taking a different course with your social media can help boost your online presence, which is particularly great if you run an online store. Break away from the doom and gloom of dealing with customer complaints and give your social media strategy a much-needed makeover.


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