How small business can leverage Twitter.

Small business can develop big business social media tactics using Twitter

 Big Brother is watching your Twitter stream

Small business can develop big business social media tactics now we are no longer safe from the marketers’ reach. This is true even as we sit on our sofas. No, not even when we shun commercial tv are we safe. Why is this? It’s the fault of the smart phone that we cannot be without of course! Wen we tweet they’ve got us!


Be excited by small business social media gains

Nielsen whose raison d’etre is to gather global information and measure it have just launched data for Neilsen Twitter TV Ratings. Be afraid,  dear viewer, be very afraid but rather excited as a small business too!


What does Twitter TV Ratings mean exactly?

Well 250 US TV networks have yielded up specific data to show the exact gender of age of people who tweet while viewing. Not only that they segment Tweets into those who tweet (authors) and those who see them (audience) You see, it’s getting a tad complex but oh so interesting. For small businesses


So what do we know about those viewing habits?

How can small business develop big business social media tactics?

1.It’s worth knowing age and gender distribution is wide across specific tv programmes.

2. It is clear there are great differences between age and gender depending on the type of programme being viewed. You may need to change your preconceptions.

3. TV networks can now see who is really watching and can drill into core demographics further. Small businesses can be aware of this and use results to boost their social media presence with TV in mind.


Does this matter to Twitter users and small businesses approach to social media?

Well yes. Think of this fact: only 1 in 50 viewers tweets as an author. Tweeters might be predominantly male during a programme but perhaps the actual demographic of viewers is more than half female. This information means marketers can pinpoint their offerings more accurately. It will inevitably show an improvement in marketing approaches and what is served up to us and by us.As we gain more data many stories can be told about just who watches what and when. If you are interested in the detail then click here.


Small businesses don’t have huge social media budgets. Help!


4 easy TV Twitter gains for small business use

 1.So how does any of this help the average business who isn’t in the high spending premier marketing league? Look at it this way, if you join a conversation about Game of Thrones and are an author of fantasy fiction your witty and pithy comments might win a Twitter profile check. Guess what, the checker realizes, ‘Hey, this tweeter writes fantasy fiction too…hmnn must check out their author page. ‘ See where this is going?

 2.Imagine you are a purveyor of steam punk fashion. Do you really know what your customer profile likes to watch?  What might that add to your knowledge and marketing opportunities? Might you develop a Twitter presence in the places they hang out?  Can you add your voice during specific kinds of programmes they watch? Consider the possibilities carefully.

3. Imagine you run a clothes or accessories shop. What if you were to join the Twitter conversation centred around Wang Gok’s ‘Look Good Naked’ programme? Tweet about body shape and how you have a range of dresses that flatter big hips or are offering private style consultations to the first person in your area that direct messages you. It’s easy to get involved and connect with people who already have similar interests. They become a warm lead straightaway.

4.If you are a plumber and you latch onto one of the endless makeover programmes, what then? Join the conversation, offer tips and advice and a special programme discount that must be redeemed before the show ends to anyone in your area. It’s a start and if you show up every week who knows what connections you will make?

OK these don’t have Nielsen metrics behind them but a little effort as you lie on your own sofa might yield some very pleasant results.


Small business must remember social media is about communication after all, pure and simple.

The more times you tweet pertinently and actually have something worthwhile to add to any conversation the higher your profile amongst your community. If you are commenting on a hashtag or trending topic you may pick up followers and traffic to your site. It’s just another way of reaching the right people at the right time. For small businesses that need to make their efforts pay this is a great opportunity.


At Leadamo Academy we preach this in all our training.

Working smarter not harder means the time you devote to social media gains real results. You also link to people who really are interested in who you are and what you are offering. Check out how to manage your social media right here.


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