How to become one of the Highly Recommended Brands On #SocialMedia.

How to harness the power of social media to increase brand exposure is a frequently researched topic and one that many businesses continually search the answer for across the internet. What must be understood in social media and those who’ve been in business for a while will understand, is that good business is built on recommendations and many people choose brands based upon peer recommendations. With this in mind it is important to adopt this frame of mind when approaching social media marketing.

Discover what it is about your brand which you want to throughout across Social Media. Make sure you understand what your business is fully about and pick out characteristics about what makes you unique and share that across the varied social platforms that you plan to use. What makes you special, ie your members of staff, your eco friendly drive, your support of charity, employing of multicultural suppliers etc and then use this USP to build your brand presence on social media.

Nowadays, your next customer is coming to you with a lot more knowledge about your product / service so you need to find these clients by talking their language. Yes, let people know what your business offers, but do not spell out the obvious about it – Instead think of your potential customers as reviewers and possible future ‘fans’ of your brand so take time to engage with them by embracing recommendations, feedback and ideas… Remember, if there are three or more negative reviews of a product on line, 70% of people won’t buy it, (Rand) – So make sure you are active on social media as these platforms are increasingly becoming the number one place for people to leave feedback on brands.

Think outside customers also and more so towards your whole community within your business sector. You will find that your staff, service providers, vendors and even investors are on social media so use this opportunity to engage with them and be seen as approachable by being active across the relevant platforms that they exist on.



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