How to choose a domain that will grow your brand

A domain name is your identity online. It is how your customers recognize and find you on the internet. A right domain name is more than just a web address; it is a crucial factor that decides how impactful your online presence is. You must select the right domain name as it directs people to your website and is a way to establish yourself. Here are some tips to help you select a domain name that will help grow your brand.

  1. Identify your target audience

Ideally, it is best to pick a domain name before selecting a name for your brand. This way, you will have a clear vision of who your ideal customer is. Once you know who your product is for you can easily pick the right name. The name of your company is the face of your brand, and it is the first thing your audience sees or hears about you.

  1. Think of credibility and search engine

Selecting the right domain name is crucial because it adds credibility to your business and helps you stand out from the masses. It also assists with search engine optimization and makes you look trendy and savvy. Having your website developed by professionals such as Jax Media Team ensure you get value for your money.

  1. Create your business archetype

Once you identify who your target audience is, figure out what your brand archetype is. You need to understand what your brand means or what it represents clearly. It is vital in coming up with the best brand name for your target audience. There are twelve archetypes to choose from. Basically, what you need to understand is your brand archetype is the personification of your company and its products. Try and think about how your brand archetype will connect emotionally with your audience.

  1. Come up with some brand name ideas

Next, generate brand name ideas that best represent your business archetype and resonate with your target audience. While there are no rules on how to do this, remember to keep it simple, short, and easy to say. You can also use word association or online tools to help you come up with some names.

  1. Check the eligibility of your domain name

Once you have shortened the list, it is crucial to check and see that they are not currently in use. To avoid any trademark issues, use a domain name searching tool, social media, or perform a check at the local patent office to ensure there no legalities involved.

Once you get a list of available domain names, all that is left is to test them out and select the best one. In the end, you only have one shot at making a great first impression with your audience. While you are online, your domain name is the first step, so do not treat it as an afterthought. Spend enough time coming up with a winning name, and it will help build your brand.


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