Fantastic Green Advice For SMBs

Startups have a lot on their plate, but one thing they shouldn’t miss out on at the buffet table is green technology. Going green is an excellent equaliser as it caters to the customer’s needs and raises awareness of the brand. Also, it boosts loyalty – people are fickle, but not when it comes to the planet.

Becoming an eco-friendly company then is a savvy way to stand out from the crowd. The problem entrepreneurs face is to find a way to implement it into their strategy. If you’re searching for inspiration, you don’t have to look any further.

Here are four fantastic tips for SMBs that want to go green.

Make It Your Identity

Have you launched your startup yet? Are you still struggling to find an idea that will cut through the saturation of the market? If the answer to the latter is yes, then briquetting machines for sale can help. Briquette presses take waste materials and leftover junk and turn them into wood briquettes, which are essentially uniform-sized objects. By selling them as alternatives to fossil fuels, you can help regular homeowners lower their carbon footprint. This option is renewable in every sense of the word as people will always create waste, waste you can sell for a profit.

Let Employees Work From Home

This option kills two birds with one stone. From an environmental point of view, it reduces the amount of energy your company creates each week. With fewer people in the office, there’s no need for as many computers, which has a direct impact on electricity usage. Aside from helping the planet, it reduces your monthly costs. The other thing to keep in mind is employee morale. Workers love independence, and working from home is the ultimate perk as there’s nobody to watch over them and micromanage their workload. Not only is it a green option, but it’s a productive one too.

Close Off Sections Of The Office

Once half of the workforce is at home, there’s no need to use the same amount of office space. Yes, the extra room is nice and creates a healthy environment, but it also contributes to your overheads. As well as burning energy, turning on the lights and bumping up the thermostat will result in money wastage, and SMBs can’t afford this with their limited budgets. Closing off sections of the office will allow you to fuel one area and cut back everywhere else. 

Don’t Be Modest

You’re helping the environment, so nobody else needs to know. It’s a sweet sentiment, but it’s naive. Customers choose businesses based on their morals, and the environment is a massive factor. Companies that back similar causes will attract more custom as shoppers want to use organisations that match their thought patterns. Therefore, advertising the fact that you are a green business and are trying to help the planet should catch people’s attention. At the very least, you’ll raise awareness of the brand.

You don’t have to think outside of the box to stand out from the competition. 


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