How To Choose The Right Hire Facilities Company

Having the right facilities for your project matters, which means finding the right hire facilities company to provide all the temporary buildings and facilities you need is important. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to end up with a facilities company that doesn’t give you the service and value you deserve. That’s why SRP Hire Solutions has put together a straightforward checklist of pointers to consider before opting for a particular company.

Whether you’re new to facilities hire or are an old hand that’s looking to improve your current hire experience, following these suggestions can help you get the best possible outcome.

Consider Location

Odds are you’re going to want your facilities delivered to your site promptly and economically. This means that it’s usually best to opt for a local provider. Not only will you save money on transport costs, as the facilities will only be making a short trip, but it also means that in the event something goes wrong, a suitable solution can be quickly accessed.

A local company may well also give you better service, as they potentially have more to lose should word get around in the nearby area that their service is less than ideal at times.

Have They Got The Right Products For Your Needs?

There are a large number of different facilities products on the market, which is why it’s important to find the one that’s exactly right for what you’ve got in mind. Different facilities hire companies have units in varying sizes, capacities and functions. Before settling on a company to use, check they’ve got what you need in stock.

It’s also worth remembering that companies have different specialisms – use a company that is used to dealing with your type of business and has facilities which work well for what you’ve got in mind.

Demand A Company That Gives You More

For a company to be worth your custom, they should be giving you more from the outset. Whether that’s through accessible, helpful and informed customer care or punctual delivery and set-up of your unit, you need a company that has the capacity to deliver what you’re looking for, on time and within the agreed budget.

To find a company where customer care is a priority, it’s sensible to read reviews which others have left, as well as give them a call to check whether they are able to provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Price Matters!

Particularly in the commercial sector, every part of a project is carefully costed out: the budget for facilities hire is no different in that respect. The right hire facilities company for you is going to be one that not only respects your financial constraints, but is also able to provide what you need in line with your budget.

Although companies need to be competitive, it’s often worth shopping around to see who’s offering a product that matches your specification but who also offers cheap prices without compromising on the quality of the facilities or service that you receive.

Finding the right hire facilities company involves a combination of research, finding out what others think and sometimes a little bit of luck. Before committing, taking the time to discover a little more about your prospective choice, including their prices, how efficient their delivery is and what added value they offer customers can be a great way of deciding whether they deserve your business or not.

Why risk ending up with a bad deal? Start reading reviews and considering your options now in order to choose the right hire facilities company for whatever project you’ve got in mind.


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