Treat Your Clients Like They Are The VIP

A client is someone or an entity that pays for your good and or services. But wait, they’re so much more than that. Clients are in a way an extension of your own business. They buy your products and they use them to either make their own products or sell them to their own customers. Distributors, factories, facilities, corporations etc, all factor into the realm of client. They have the ability to spread your name further and wider across the industry, than your own marketing department may be able to. In a sense, they are your peers in business. Even if they’re not part of the same industry, they are still professionals that are paying you to work with them. Therefore they should be treated as if they were very important people. So how does a small business with not many resources, go about doing this?

Patching your through

On a bright busy Monday, you’re in a meeting with your department heads. You’re talking about upcoming issues in the market and what you can do to stay ahead of any bumps in the road. A client then wants to talk to you about an issue they are having with one of your products. How should they get a hold of you? Well since you’re busy, your receptionist will be taking any incoming calls for you. What kind of protocol do you have for clients? They should be put at ease and told to hold on a minute, whereby then they are patched through to you via a system link. Business Phone Systems do exactly this, they have seamless scalability so they can be made into a tight network or spread out across your business. They also have on hold music and marketing options. Most importantly, they have unified communications so different systems can be linked together.

Remember to thank them

Every now and then you should do your best to remind your clients how thankful you are for their continued confidence in you. Businesses working with other businesses is not exactly rare but it’s not highly common either. Only certain businesses that cannot make for themselves what they need will be outsourcing in a B2B capacity. For another business to trust you and your products and services, it’s a real compliment and booster of morale that you going in the right direction. However it is a two-way street, so saying thank you should be done in a reserved but meaningful way. Inviting clients to company parties, award ceremonies and other events strengthens your relationship and shows appreciation for the work you’re doing together.

Gain willful feedback

By phoning your client up or emailing them to talk about how you could improve your products or services for them, you will pleasantly surprise them. Clients will realize that you are offering them some kind of bespoke service which they could use to greatly improve their business. This is something only a VIP would receive.

Clients should be treated like VIPs because they provide you with an industry spotlight. Your brand name will flourish further into the professional circles and thus give you more authority on direction in your industry.


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