How to create remarkable content that people share.

How to create remarkable content that people share

It’s a win-win. You create remarkable content. It gains momentum as it’s shared on social networks. The result: increased visibility of your services, more traffic to your website and improved sales. That’s the power of remarkable content and what it can do for your brand.

But, how do you create remarkable content that people value and will also share on social networks? These five steps will show you how.

1 Your content must have a purpose

The first rule of creating remarkable content is making sure that it has a purpose. It doesn’t matter what that purpose is: encouraging sign-ups for your newsletter or raising your Twitter profile, it must have an objective. That way, you can track and measure its performance against the set objectives.

Ultimately, you want to generate revenue for your business. If your content isn’t helping you to meet that objective, then, what is its purpose?

2. Remarkable content is useful and has a ready-made audience

Remarkable content is valuable to its intended audience because it provides them with quality information that solves their problems. For example, insurance may not be classed as an exciting content topic to write about. However, most people would value information that would help them save money on insurance costs. If this information was available on an insurance company’s website, it’s more than likely that people would buy insurance from them, and also share that content with their friends and family. The result: more business for the insurance company!

So, before crafting your content, ask yourself: what solutions can my content offer my target audience that will also help me to meet my business objectives?

And, if you haven’t got the time, inspiration or inclination to create this content, why not outsource the task?

3. Remarkable content takes many forms

Content comes in many forms: video, infographics, blogs and images. So, don’t be afraid to experiment to find the one that best communicates your services to your target audience.

And once you have your remarkable content, make it easy for your audience to share by using Shareicons on your website.

4. Sign up to Google+ – it’s great for your SEO

This brings us to Google+, the search engine’s social network. If you haven’t signed up to Google+, then, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to market your content by the world biggest search engine – for free!

About 70% of search engine traffic goes through Google. The company also owns YouTube, the number two search engine in the world.

Google is really pushing its social network and has started including Google+ updates in its search results (see image below), which brings even more opportunities for your content to be shared and also increase your online visibility.


5. Be consistent – have a schedule

The best way to build an audience is by being consistent with your posting. Stop Monday morning panic attacks about your (lack of) blog posts, videos or other content, by creating a content schedule and sticking with it. And remember, the best schedule is the one that works for you, be it daily, weekly or fortnightly.

With these five tips, you should well on your way to creating remarkable content that people share.


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