How to find the right IT Support Company for my Business

Determine speed of response

It is hard to think of any aspect of a modern day business that exists outside of IT. With this in mind it is vital to ensure that any IT support company you choose benefits from ultra-fast response times. With this in mind it often pays to go local, a decision that has many benefits, especially when it comes to speedy responses, but also good communication. Any IT Support Company that operates ‘off-shore’ should be avoided.

Quiz them on their remote monitoring software

As mentioned, your IT is integral to your business and therefore you need it to be tested and monitored 24/7. This necessitates high quality remote monitoring software. Ask the IT Support Company you are looking at which software they use and carry out a little research into its quality.

Do they have experience in your field?

Ideally your chosen IT Support Company will have some level of experience in how your business works and moreover the nature of the industry in which you operate. You will find this makes the process of explaining your unique needs much smoother.

Seek out a pro-active approach

Ideally you want an IT Support Company who will not be left behind as you grow and expand your own horizons. Ask them how they go about keeping ahead of the game and developing new approaches to what is an ever-evolving array of challenges. In addition, those seeking to compromise businesses with viruses and malware never sleep, you need your IT Support Company to be similarly vigilant and progressive.

Customer Service is key

Customer service is vital when it comes to choosing an IT Support Company that will represent you as vigorously and honestly as you would like. Test a company for customer service by giving them a call. How efficient were they in handling your call? How easy was it to get in touch with someone who could answer your questions? Feedback and reputation is also vital, therefore it is imperative that you investigate the reputation of any IT Support Company prior to signing a contract. Accreditations like Microsoft Partner status issued by Microsoft are indicative of exceptional customer service. Shaun Wilders, Managing Director of Cultrix celebrated his own company’s partner status by saying, “We work hard to ensure that all our services are designed and delivered to meet customers’ needs and that we deliver quality, innovative and compliant solutions at every opportunity, so we’re delighted to be recognised by Microsoft for this. Our customers can be further reassured that we are always working to their best interests and that we’ll continue to do so.”

Don’t forget cybersecurity

While growth and progression are vital, they should never push on at the expense of cybersecurity. Any weakness in your system can lead to a very costly breach. Ensure your IT Support Company has the right tools and experience to keep one step ahead of the cyber criminals and has the appropriate credentials, such as ISO 27001.


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