How to gain your business more local followers on Social Media.

The wonderful thing with social media is that so many people are using it across many of the major countries of the world. If you are planning to go global with your brand then the likes of Facebook and Twitter are really the place to be seen and build awareness. So, what about if you want to target only local followers?

Some of the social media management platforms offer you the chance to peruse and follow other users based on their approximate locations. Also, some of the major social media platforms have members who’ve locations shown within their profile which once again, allows for target localised following. Finding these members is one thing, but how do you make them follow your brand?

As social media advances, the tools and softwares that compliment the platforms along with the advancement of the platforms themselves, allows for easier management and gathering of target / local audiences. At Marketme, we use varied innovative solutions to build our clients local followers, includes is the LeaderBoarded concept which allows account holders to accumulate accounts within a league style table system displaying their ranking depending on their weekly / monthly activities, exmaple:

The idea behind the LeaderBoarded concept is that you control a periodic league ranking release that notifies all contenders to their league ranking, causing a community bond and discussions with the one who manages the system being seen as the expert for the initiative. If you accumulate localised accounts you will inevitably attract further local attention as new users ask to be entered and ranked.

Another way to build your local audience and another concept that Marketme is an official credited supplier of is the Logotag concept where businesses with shop / office fronts have Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest etc sticker in their front windows with QR codes and specialised chips for Android phone users that allows simply touch solutions to like / follow / join social media accounts or drive local people to competitions / promotions being run on website.

Ask Marketme for further information regarding our management packages that include LogoTag or LeaderBoarded.

Another simply solution to attract local followers is to research the varied local groups and pages across social media as there usually is one dedicated to your town / city and once in that group start to join in with conversations and debates which you are positioned to influence.

Other forms of marketing can help build your local audience



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