How to Get the Best ROI with Digital Marketing in 2018

A strong focus on digital marking is becoming more necessary every year, and 2018 is no exception. Connecting with your audience and target market online can increase publicity and lead to sales, but only if done right. Businesses must carefully analyse which digital marketing strategies are in alignment with their brand and will yield the most benefits and return on investment.

Ultimately, you need to be earning far more than you’re investing. What’s the point in paying for a campaign if it doesn’t result in a single sale?

Low Cost of Entry

A strategy that optimises conversion rates doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be well researched and executed. Digital marketing is not only more cost effective than traditional forms like print, but can generate real-time sales, the money from which can be further invested into your marketing.

As of June last year, half of all clicked links result from organic, unpaid marketing, proving you don’t need to spend a fortune on paid ads to achieve results.

Finding the Proof

Instagram will remain one of the biggest drivers for social media marketing this year, and it’s easy to see why. Just last November, it was announced that 25 million businesses now use the platform. There are a number of great features to track ROI, not just for paid ads or sponsored posts, but for business profiles in general.

Business accounts are able to monitor overall reach, profile views, website clicks, and impressions. These insights will show the value of your Instagram advertising and provide proof in percentages and numbers. You can also use this data to continue to optimise your ads and see greater return.

When creating content for Instagram, focus on having a clear visual appearance with little to no text. Consumers are attracted to content that appears organic and authentic, not a post that’s desperately pleading for sales.

Become Well Optimised

Search engine optimisation is often under-looked for new and small businesses, as it won’t provide immediate results. However, putting in the effort can yield great conversions. It’s not a strategy that will draw huge traffic overnight, and must be approached with a long-haul mentality. Forbes gives a rundown on this long-haul thinking and what kind of ROI you can realistically expect.

Consumers are always Googling to find what they’re looking for quickly, and if you’re ranking on the fourth page, it’s likely that nobody will find you. SEO can ultimately drive targeted traffic to your website and get your products and services seen by the people who are looking for them. 

Once potential customers have found you, ensure your content is relevant and helpful in order to lower bounce rates. Not only will this keep them on your website for longer and generate more sales, but it’ll help rank your site higher in Google and demonstrate authority and credibility.

Quality is Key

Ensuring your digital marketing strategy focuses on quality content will help you achieve the best ROI this year. As consumers continue to be bombarded with advertisements, stand out and drive conversions by being authentic to your business and brand.


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