The Best Ways To Do Face To Face Marketing

Marketing is something people need to practice to become good at. It’s a skill that’s often in short supply in this day and age, as we still like to subscribe to the old generation of face to face contact and absolutely no means to contact someone in milliseconds. However, when it comes to marketing in person, either in your store or at events/shows, doing so face to face is still going to make the most impact on people you really need to be on your side.


And that means that in this digital day and age, there’s still room to make a case for the usefulness of face to face marketing on the whole… but only if you’re doing it in the right way! So here’s a couple of quick tips to get you started on your journey to impressing your target market at large.


Make Sure You Have a Business Card


If you don’t have a business card, you’re immediately at a disadvantage here. So the first step in your attempts to greet someone with a smile and get them to stay interested beyond that is to design some business cards that are both practical and aesthetic, and then hand them out strategically. But the fun doesn’t end there, oh no!


You can now get a folding business card for your company, which is still small and easy to carry, but acts as more of a leaflet rather than a simple point of contact. And when you want someone to keep mulling you over even when you’re gone, this is going to be an important method to implement. And this will be important if you’re a small business with barely any contacts looking to make a great impression from day one; in this market there often isn’t any room for mistakes!


Work with Customer Opinions

And by that we mean make sure you take anything they’re feeling and turn it into something positive! When it comes to someone needing the edge to push a customer over into a positive opinion, having someone there in person to help them make the decision to buy is going to be the most effective way forward.


A lot of the time, convincing someone to buy something only requires you validate their thoughts and needs, so simply saying yes to any of their questions is going to go a long way! So have a staff member on hand to help with any purchase, and ramp your sales technique up to 11. Have them talk about how a product has helped their life, have them crack jokes and always have a smile on their face, and present your company as the most helpful entity on earth in that moment.


Pop up shops, giving someone a free sample, providing them with a download link they can check out when they get home… Face to face marketing is something that we still do a lot of, but it needs a modern spin on it as well.



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