How to grow and promote without a blog.

What if you’re not confident enough to blog all the time?

If you run a small business, you will hear EVERYONE telling you that you NEEEEEED to be on social media. You also apparently NEED to blog and produce content. Videos, pictures, articles, posts, comments etc

Well the truth is that these just aren’t an option for some people. Lots of people suffer confidence problems when it comes to writing and producing content. Dyslexia, English as a second language and general lack of confidence are some of the more common reasons that prevent people from writing.

But why do digital marketers keep telling you to write a blog? And are there any other options?

Lets take a look below.

First, lets look at the benefits of blogging.

1.You’ll be seen as a trusted source of information. You want people who visit your site or come accross your blog, to realise that you are a reliable source of information, this lets people build a relationship with you, and ultimatly makes you a larger influencer in their decision cycle.
2.It’s easier for people to find you. Blogging is an extremely cost effective and powerful SEO tool. Just through blogging and uploading content you can drastically increase your search engine ranking, therby putting you closer to your customers.
3.It opens a dialogue. Blogging about your business, your customers and your market opens a dialogue to users and customers. You will see if they like what you’re saying, or worse than dislike, are apathetic to your content. Start listening to what people are asking and start answering those questions. Just 300 words a week can make a huge difference.

So with those in mind, can we get the same results through social media and other platforms, without writing?

How to combat low confidence for blogging, to start gaining benefits?

1.PicturesA picture paints a thousand words right? If you have a particularly visual brand, then start taking photos. No need to call Dave Bailey, even a hald decent camera phone and Instagram can quickly build a visual presense. Lots of time, you can post accross multiple social sites with just one app too, for example taking a photo on Instagram can share it to Twitter, Facebook, Flikr and Instagram all at the same time.
2. Get other people to do it!Guest blogging is big, and pretty easy. Start looking at other related blogs to your one and ask if people want to guest blog on your site. Say you are happy to provide links and an author profile.
3. Share other people’s content.Lots of blogs just share other peoples content. You don’t have to create anything original, you just have to find stuff that your customers will benefit from. Simple.

Really, you should be writing content, but if that just terrifies you then experiment with the above. There are tons of guides on how to write a blog, perhaps it’s less scary than you think.

Michael Killen is the founder of Devon Digital Design. He believes that all businesses can start finding high quality customers online, with his websites, SEO and social media. Remember to follow him on Twitter for tips on how to find more customers online.

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