How To Market Your Business On Your Van

There isn’t a business out there who can afford to miss out on a marketing opportunity and what better opportunity is there than a plain white van? An organisation would be mad to miss out on the chance to advertise their business to thousands of commuters as they travel around town on their business. Vehicle wrapping allows you to advertise on your van, whether you choose to purchase or lease one, so there is no reason to miss out on this golden opportunity. Read through our 5 rules for marketing your business on your van before you get started.

1. Design your vehicle wraps

Vehicle wrapping is an extremely cost-effective way to advertise your business. There is an initial investment but over time it really proves much cheaper than other advertising methods. Consider this against the number of people who will see your advertising on a daily basis as you drive around town and it is easy to see why many turn to vehicle wrapping. Before you begin to put together your design think about the size of your van and determine how big you need your design to be. You should also consider using bold colours and designs that grab attention, though care should always be taken to ensure this matches the tone of your business. There is plenty of advice regarding the design of vehicle wraps online that you could also peruse.

2. Use your logo

Remember, as you drive around on your business people will only be taking cursory glances at your van. You need to use your logo, therefore, to ensure that they remember you and your brand. You should also ensure that it is big enough to be seen and recognised. To pick up more marketing tips why not head to the marketing section of our website?

3. Accuracy

Trust us, people do notice spelling and grammar mistakes and it does bother them. To ensure that your brand isn’t tarnished because of a simple mistake ensure you check, double-check and even triple-check your design before it is printed. Remember, you will be able to wrap a leased vehicle such as one from IVL but that doesn’t mean that your design can’t be used when you return the vehicle. Save yourself some money by getting it right the first time.

4. Clear font and format

Make sure you use a font that can be read easily. Remember, the potential customers who you hope to attract might well be concentrating on the road, make it easy for them to digest your message. You should also be sure not to include too much information, your target market needs to be able to digest your message quickly.

5. Contact details

There is no point in telling a potential customer what you can offer them if you don’t also give them a way of getting in touch with you. People are busy and they don’t have the time to go searching around for contact details. If you don’t clearly display them, you might lose customers to other companies who do.


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