Time to Lease: The Ultimate Guide To Business Leasing

If you own a company or a business, at one point in time you will require to get yourself a company car. Depending on your organisational requirements, a company car helps in providing efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.

So, how do you go about it? Read along as this guideline answers you all the questions that may arise when choosing your first commercial vehicle.

What is Better, Lease Agreements vs Buying the Vehicle Outright?

You have to understand, that leasing a car means paying for the use of the car while buying the vehicle means that you get to own the car eventually. So how do you know which is the best option for you?

By purchasing a car, you get to keep rights as the owner of the vehicle. However, leasing a car can as well be beneficial. When you lease, you reduce on spending a large sum of money all at once, additionally, since the vehicle does not belong to you, you can claim back the amount of money you spend on the car maintenance. Moreover, you also get to avoid losing money since a new car depreciates the moment it leaves the seller’s premises making it difficult to regain the money back whenever you plan to change the car model. You can always get more information by looking through intelligentcarleasing.com, a company that provides vehicle leasing and contract hire deals to individuals and business all around England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

So, How Does Business Vehicle Leasing Works?

Whenever you lease a car, you are paying the total depreciation cost of the vehicle under the period which you have used it. You attain the depreciation cost by taking the difference between the market price of the car and the amount the car is worth at the end of the lease. Various models in the market have different depreciation rates. It is ideal to go for vehicles will a low depreciation rate as it helps you save money.

How Do You Find the Best Deal?

In order to get the best deal that suits your business, there are several things that you need to consider before you lease a car. If your business is careful about how society perceives your image, you may want to consider leasing a car will portray your professional image. Moreover, if you intend on always updating the leased vehicle to the latest models in the market, taking a lease agreement is the best route to take.

Explore your options

Even if you have a specific car in mind that you want to lease for your business, remember that it is crucial to lease from a company that will offer you a myriad of car selections to choose from that work within your budget and are designed to meet your intentions.

Market-leading Models

Companies such as the Intelligent Car Leasing have a vast array of new model vehicles allowing you to enjoy every minute of your commercial vehicle lease selection.


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