How to Run a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign.

A common question that we get asked is: How do I run a successful social media campaign?

Social media marketing for business is using the power of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in order to advertise / promote your brand. You are able to collate target audiences across these social sites meaning that visitors pushed through are usually highly targeted thus these visitors are more likely to turn into paying customers than non target visitors who find your site via a semi related search engine query.

Things to consider in order to run a successful social media campaign:

  • Professional branding for your pages and completed profiles. Make sure your branding conveys your business professionally and make sure that is replicated across each social media platforms you use.
  • Post regular updates. Make sure you are active daily and are posting quality and engaging content. Try not to sell too much and think about education your followers.
  • Be social and build relationships. “Use your updates to inform, entertain and address the needs of your customers”.
  • Find your style and stick with it. People will follow you on Social Media for being you and the content you share so suddenly changing style could reduce the positive effect that your efforts deliver.
  • Build communities. There are great tools to build and maintain communities across social media. For example create groups outside of your business profile on subjects relating to your industry, use #Hashtags on Twitter such as ‘#YourTownHour’ or ‘#ItalianDesignHour’ etc. There are softwares such as #LeaderBoarded which allow you to build leaderboards of accounts and position them depending on their weekly activities, example:
  • Embrace interaction. Invite feedback for your brand, ask people’s opinions and respond to these fast! People like to engage with those who produce the services / products that they purchase so take advantage of this across social media. Surveys and competitions are also a great way build interaction.



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