How to use Social Media effectively.

When people dream of success from a social media campaign they think about going viral, grabbing the attention of thousands or even millions of people at a very low cost or totally free by chance (AKA Charlie Bit My Finger). The real side of social media is that not every Facebook update or Tweet on Twitter will be the next viral success! Let us look at some top tips that will allow you to run a social media management campaign effectively and deliver your business results.

  • If you are going to run a social media marketing campaign do it properly and put the required time and effort in to managing each platform you plan to be be present on.
  • Use social media to gain queries, discussions, feedback and interaction from your followers. Think not only about advertising what your brand does, but about what your audiences want – Do they want to share feedback, ideas, complaints, recommendations, get to know who your team members are, where you are located, what your offices look like etc.
  • Grab attention by delivering entertaining, educational and engaging content. Think outside the box and remember that updates which contain unexpected content generally receives greater web traffic.
  • Think outside your industry and share other peoples content. Build relationships across social media by sharing content published by others. Also, look outside your business sector and share content relating to your area, industries outside of your own. As an example, if you are an estate agent then think about not only advertising your homes for sale, but think about interior design tips, recommend local restaurants, how to grow veg in your garden etc.
  • Study when the optimum time that your target audience is active. If your company offers service to B2B then it is likely that your post / updates will be read during working hours where if you are an ecommerce company selling lifestyle products then you may gain better interaction from your updates if you are active evenings / weekends.
  • Study your analytics. Most social media platforms will offer you the chance to study what actively your account has obtained. You should also research your website traffic and see how what you are sharing on social media is converting to website visits.
  • Approach social media in a way that you aim to build relationships, connections, and a network of friends and resources. Social Media is not a quick fix to get rich, it requires time and dedication.




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