How to Use Social Media to Market a Trading Company

There isn’t a marketer alive who doesn’t know about the power of social media when promoting a business of any kind, but the thing is, do new trading companies understand just how effective social media can be in bringing traders to their brokerage? If you are starting a trading company of any kind, especially in markets that are fast moving and highly volatile, there is no better platform to market your trading company than social media.

Recognise that Social Media Surpasses Even Google for Daily Visits

It has been more than seven years now since it was first reported that Facebook got more visits daily than the global search giant, Google. That was back in 2010 and with the growth of other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and now even Google+, social media has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of marketing. The first step in learning how to use social media to market a trading company is to recognise that you will reach a humongous number of potential (and current) traders on a social site.

Tap into the Power of Twitter

One of the aspects of binary trading, any type of trading for that matter, is to keep up with the market. However, when a market is extremely volatile and changes occur almost by the minute, it helps to have a strong following on social media platforms such as Twitter. Those short Tweets can keep your clients apprised of market movement as it happens in real time so that they can make trades throughout the day as needed. And as time goes on, these traders who follow you on social media will be your biggest investors.

Use Dialogue to Instil Trust

The next generation coming up soon to surpass even boomers in terms of buying and investing power is the millennials group. Yes, some are still a bit too young to be investing much at this point, but they are the group that new trading companies should now begin focusing on. Why? Because these are the investors who need to build trust before they will willingly part with their money. Anywhere you turn on the Internet you will see that millennials want to know the people behind the products they buy. In something as intangible as an option, wouldn’t you think they’d rely even more heavily on the trust factor? Because of this, develop a loyal following on your social sites and the trades will start coming in based on the dialogue and trust you have built through your social presence.

The one thing you will need to do is learn to be consistent in keeping up social media posts. It will take time and effort so you may want to assign a key person or team to social media posts but as your following grows it will also become fun for both your investors and your team as they begin communicating regularly. Social media is the perfect marketing platform for a trading company and one you will quickly learn to enjoy.


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