Images for blogs.

It is great that you are or have written that blog as this will help you to increase your SEO online, but now that you’re about to release that blog, you need the right image to go with it.

It is very common for most blog writers to either not have a title image to go with their blog, or they choose a stock image from the internet and usually select one from a quick search on Google for the likes of ‘Free blog image’ or ‘Free photos no copyright’ etc.

If you really want to gain the best results for you blogs, I would recommend that you research further in to the best photo to use in order to get better readership figures, especially for when sharing your blogs across social media. Below are some quick tips to think about when choosing the right photo to go with a blog:

  • Make sure you choose a photo to go with your blogs, unless you have gained a large readership for your blog posts, you will have to make sure yours stand out.
  • When choosing your photo, try and stay away from using stock images as most of them have been used many times before and some are even so frequently used that they are recognised by many.
  • Try and use your own photos on your blogs as you’ll own the full copyright and no one else will have used them.
  • Think about choosing a photo that is inline with the theme of your blog, but think outside the box and choose something striking or different.
  • Make sure your photos are correctly titled and named when they go on your website for extra SEO value.
  • Use text on photos. There are many free to use photo editing softwares online such as GIMP which allow you to add text on to images.
  • Use photos when sharing your blogs across social media. Figures show that posts with images on attract more attention than those without.


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