How to decide who to Follow on Twitter.

Twitter is an amazing marketing tool that though simple in structure and what it does, can offer so much in reward and ROI for businesses. Gaining an all important following is what will make you successful in using Twitter for business so let us look at the many ways which people decide to follow and unfollow.

I have managed to build so very large audiences on Twitter with very active relationships with many of the followers, some leading to great new business partnerships and many other leading to business enquiries and new customers. The way in which I have gone about acquiring new followers may be slightly different to the standard approach, but importantly I can say that what I have done has had a positive effect on my businesses.

When commencing with Twitter, or maybe you have been on it for a while with not much success, the most important part is the timeline where you will see tweets from those you follow. It is taking note of those you follow which will get you well underway with new followers and interactions on Twitter:

  • Follow users that have similar likes or interests to yourself or your business, search people’s account profile for words relevant to your business.
  • When you have followed someone you consider to be a user who may like what you do, look at who follows them as it is highly likely that those who do, will share the same likes and dislikes in life.
  • Research lists on Twitter, many of them are titled so look out for those which have your keywords in and then check who are in those lists and look to follow them.
  • Look at rival businesses / competitors on Twitter and see who follows them, look to tap into these audiences and spend time in following some of these users for if they are already following a business likes yours, then they’ll likely follow your account too.

The above are basic tips on how to follow users on Twitter and find people that maybe interested in your brand and business.


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