Improving Business Visibility with Outdoor LED Signs in Canada

Everyone is pretty excited about the ease and effectiveness of online advertisements. Every company worth its salt is investing heavily in online ads. The truth however is that the businesses that control their respective industries invest heavily in online adverts as well as offline ones too.

You need to learn to arrange your marketing techniques in a way that helps your business to develop stably and regularly. Investing in an LED neon open sign will help get the customers interested in your shop even when they see it from afar, which will help generate more traffic within your store. It’s good to keep in mind the fact that the way you present your business will determine how well it will do in the market, and keeping your shop appealing will help get customers flowing in quicker.

We like to refer to traditional advertising media as expensive and not as effective as online ones. The simple truth is that these mega corporations understand a few things about the effectiveness of using some of these traditional advertising methods that many now appear to disdain.

One of such methods is signage or outdoor advertising. (You can learn about the scope and reach of outdoor advertising here). Have you not wondered to yourself why large corporations, politicians and major hard hitters still have billboards scattered all over the country?

They simply understand that these billboards can deliver serious results. It even gets a lot better with digital LED signs. The results from these more than double those from regular static billboards.

Let’s take a slightly deeper look into this type of outdoor signage.

The Digital Advantage

The traditional static billboard has been (and is still) pretty effective for ad campaigns. However, placed side-by-side with its digital LED variation, the difference is simply amazing. Let’s look at some facts that may provide some backing for this claim.

Attention Grabbing Effect

When you see a digital ad display, you will notice that it almost grabs your attention. Unlike a static billboard which is almost like looking at a big picture, a digital display is like watching a video or moving pictures. You can attest to the fact that the latter is more attention grabbing than the former.

If there is a static billboard on your way to or from work, you are likely going to stop noticing it after a while for the simple reason that the image is static and has become boring or stale.

This is different for a digital billboard which will have changing images. In fact because it is digital, fresh content or different variations of the content can be displayed at different times to keep you interested.

Attention Span

Continuing from the point stated above, aside from grabbing your attention, it retains attention a lot better. Seeing a new image may grab your attention for a while, but seeing a new video will grab and then retain your attention for a longer period. Don’t forget that as your attention is retained, you are being marketed to.


The fact that your attention is grabbed and then retained is an indication that you are engaging with the content you are viewing. A study was carried out to find out how much these LED signs engaged the people who viewed them.

The result showed that as much as 55% of those who saw the ads were able to remember the message they were passing across. Another part of the study revealed that about 89% were able to remember individual ads from campaigns that were used for the study.

This shows a high level of engagement.


Every advertisement is meant to culminate in a sale. Here are a few stats. About 19% of those who viewed digital marketing displays made impulse purchases as a result of seeing those marketing messages.

In a study, a simple message was placed in three locations asking people to pick up a gift bag from the customer desk. One of the locations had a static billboard while the other two had digital signs. At the end of the experiment, the location with the static sign recorded about 6 responses while the two locations with the digital signage recorded a total of over 600 responses.

Impressive right?

Social Effect

Have you ever been held up in traffic around where there is a huge digital display? If you have, you will notice that you are less impatient because of the distraction and entertainment that you are deriving from the display. This is an interesting social benefit.

Choosing a Company

The effectiveness of any marketing effort can be largely traced to the company or agency handling the campaign. This makes your choice of company very important. There are a number of companies that offer outdoor LED signs in Canada and some of them are doing really well. In fact, in the 2019 OBIE Awards, Canadian companies took the gold, silver and bronze awards.

This however does not mean that every Canadian company that claims to offer these services can serve you well. It is up to you to run necessary checks to ensure they can indeed deliver on their service claims.

Before settling for a company, find out their reputation in the market. Do some investigation, read reviews and ask from people who have worked with them. Find out who they are working with, campaigns they are running and of course compare quotes.

If you put in the necessary time to ensure you find the right company, then and only then will you be able to reap the full benefits that outdoor LED signs can offer your business in Canada.


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