Introducing The Superhero Workforce

A working environment is home to a variety of different personalities and skills. There will always be people that you get along with more than others, but there is no denying that the people you work with either make it a bearable or tedious experience. The warehouse management specialists PeopleVox understand just how important it is to have an efficient team. They have put together this interesting infographic which introduces the idea of a superhero workforce – is your job role mentioned?

We all wish that we had some sort of superpowers when it comes to getting tasks done quickly – but what skills would be best for each job role? Check out this infographic to discover all you need to know about superheroes and their selected job roles. From Nick Fury as director to Spiderman box packaging; this is something you won’t be wanting to miss. Who knows, you might even get some useful tips from this infographic and apply them to your working environment! Of course, don’t expect to haver super-strength like Hulk… you’ll probably still be needing a fork lift.



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