Six Simple Steps To Blog Post Success

Each year, blog writing becomes even more of a workable enterprise. In years gone by, anyone who dreamt of making it big by posting online was laughed down by sceptics. And, it’s easy to see why. For the most part, blogging has never been a sure way to earn a living. You might’ve gotten some pocket money if you were lucky, but certainly not enough to earn you a decent wage.

Here are a couple of good examples of posts:

Yet, things couldn’t be more different in the current climate. Now, blogging is a staple for most upcoming writers, and a surprising number of them manage to make upwards of £1,000 a month. Not bad, right? Few careers are more appealing if you have a passion and a way with words. The world is your oyster, and there’s a market out there for just about everyone.

But, it would still be naive to assume that the blogging world is all plain sailing. In truth, this incredible career fails more often than it succeeds. Worse, the market is saturated with those trying to make a go of it. As a result, it’s harder than ever to find an original angle online. And, the blogs which do something different are, undeniably, the ones who stand to make a go of things.

Even if you manage to create an original idea, you aren’t guaranteed success. Far from it; the blogging road is long and pathed with obstacles. To stand any chance of navigating it, you need to understand where your money will come from. For the most part, advertising will pay your way. How you use that is up to you. It may be that you choose to accept affiliate posts from outside sources. Or, perhaps you’re more comfortable incorporating adverts onto your page.

Whatever method you choose, even advertising won’t make you anything if you don’t get enough views. People = money in your pocket. So, your primary focus should be on getting as many views on your page as possible. Which, let’s be honest, was the goal before money became an issue anyway.

There are endless guides about how to get more views, but we’re going to focus on a particular aspect here: how to write a trending post. You started this exploit because you love writing, so nothing makes better sense than falling back on that for success. Trending online can take anyone from small fry to big business. You’ll be at the top of search listings, and on the front page of Twitter. As such, getting a blog post to trend is sure to take you far. To help you achieve the goal, we’ve put together a quick fire guide to writing a blog which is sure to rocket you to the top.

Concentrate on your title

We all judge books by their covers, no matter how much we protest otherwise. People will do the same thing with your blog post. How often do you hear of successful posts with dull titles? It doesn’t happen. A blog titled “A minute by minute account of my favourite films”, for example, is never going to take you far. By comparison, the same post titled “Everything you need to know about my favourite films”, stands a much better chance.

Take some time to look at the two titles and compare the differences. Most notably, the second uses urgent language. This method, known as click bait, is always a good idea. The premise is to create a sense of urgency in your audience. With a title like this, many people won’t be able to help themselves clicking. Good words which would also work well are-

  • Must
  • Now
  • Urgent

And anything else which makes the reader feel they’ll be missing out if they don’t read your post.

Of course, click bait isn’t the only route to decent titles. It’s also worth bearing in mind methods you learnt at school, like alliteration and onomatopoeia. Both these methods create titles with excellent flow. And, a title with good flow may well just keep readers flowing to your page.

Plan what you want to say

While your head’s back in the classroom, consider how you used to plan for essays and exams. Teachers urge us, again and again, to plan. But, despite their instances, many of us turn into poopers. Poopers, as opposed to planners, just go for it and hope for the best. We start with a rough idea, and we splurge until we have something which makes sense.

In some ways, the conversational tone of blogging makes it ideal for poopers. But, if you want a post to go that extra mile, you need to plan what you’re going to say. It’s the only real way to ensure you present a structured and thoughtful piece. Which is exactly what you need to stand apart from the crowd.

You don’t need to spend hours on this. Simply split your post into paragraphs, and give yourself a brief outline for each. It won’t take long, but it’ll make a huge difference.


Quality content above all

Of course, tips and methods aside, the content of your blog is what will make or break your post. You need to ensure that your content is good, relevant, and unique. To be sure it’s good, all you need to do is check, check, and check again. Your post won’t reach dizzy heights if it’s littered with spelling and punctuation mistakes. Once you’ve written it, read it through carefully. Then, use services such as Grammarly to double check what you may have missed. It’s even worth leaving the post for a few hours before you publish, and coming back for one last read with fresh eyes.

To be sure it’s relevant, you have to do your research. Keeping up with the news may not seem like it applies for a fashion blogger, but it does. If you can find smart ways to incorporate current affairs into your posts, you stand a much better chance of meeting with success. And, you open the doors to a wider audience.

And, to ensure it’s unique, you need to do your research. type a summary of your piece in a search engine, and see what comes up. If there are many other blog posts on the subject, you need to find a way yours can stand apart. Something as simple as a different take on an issue is all you need.

Perfect your presentation

The presentation also has a significant impact on how successful a blog post can be. If you write one long chunk of text, readers are unlikely to stick with you. Remember that people don’t come to blogs for excessive concentration. They want fast information which they can absorb on the go.

As such, it’s essential you use paragraphs to break up the body of your text. It’s also worth using subheadings and bullet points to make everything easier to manage. And, there’s a good reason so many bloggers use pictures. A visual aid is ideal for fast absorption of information. So, get some pictures up, as well.

Now for the SEO

SEO is big business in the working world, but you may not have considered it for your blog. Even so, if you want a post to go far, it’s worth employing these methods. There are two different types of SEO- black hat and white hat. Black hat is more often used by those who want to make money fast. Here, quality isn’t the name of the game, but rather attracting the widest audience possible. From the outset, you may think this would be ideal for quick success of your post. The problem is, the fleeting nature means that customers don’t stick around. As such, the rewards aren’t long lasting.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, is all about encouraging an audience using quality content. It will serve your blog much better. Plus, the audience you receive is more likely to trickle to your other pieces with this method. To help you get on top of this, turn to white hat SEO Services who can take control. They’ll be able to get you a much higher view count on this, and other posts.

Turn to Twitter



Of course, you can’t get things trending if you don’t turn to Twitter. Twitter and its #hashtags are the home of trending. This is where your post will go from private affair to public business. At this stage, you’ll be glad you made your post relevant. That relevance is the best chance you stand of trending. You can also use your carefully crafted title to create a hashtag which is both relevant, and catchy. Then, it’s as simple as letting the right people see it. Tweets trend when enough people share them. So, know your audience. Appeal to the right people, and they’re sure to get things going. The best place to start may be with fellow bloggers. If they get behind your Tweet, their fans will follow, and hopefully create a domino effect.



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