Investment and Innovation: The Changing Face of the Private Jet Charter Industry

The changing face of the private jet charter industry is defined by several game changing factors. It is becoming more accessible, the cost more affordable and the service is more customer friendly than ever.

The industry is worth somewhere in the region of $14 billion a year and is growing as the shift from business and executive travel on commercial airlines continues.

So, what innovations have led to this shift in the luxury travel market and how is it being funded?

Innovative Investment

Stories of investment in the world’s leading private jet charter companies are commonplace in the news at the moment. In September alone, it was reported that over $250 million had been invested by private equity and multinational companies.

The capital will be used to expand the operations of service providers such as Vistajet and signals good news, not only for the industry, but for the growing number of people using it. This is because, when there is demand, industries expand, there is increased competition and this, in turn, leads to lower costs for the customers.

It goes without saying, that if shrewd investors are dipping their beak into the industry, then they see that there are bright times ahead, but what is it that has switched on the lights.

Innovative Technology

One of the factors that has played a leading part in the sparking the interest of big investors is technological innovation. The new leading lights of the private jet charter industry have made the service more accessible and easier to navigate using the internet and mobile technology – they have developed apps.

Sculpting the face of their businesses, using a model that is not dissimilar to that of internet taxi company Uber, has made booking a private jet easy. Signing up is simply a matter of tapping in some personal details and then following a confirmation link sent via email.

Once the account is active, you can search for dates, desired departure and destination airports. Once selected, you will receive quotes for the various flights on offer, pick one, use your bank card to pay and then all you have to do is turn up at the airport with your passport.

And then there is the customer service!

Innovative Customer Service

The increased demand for private jet charters has not led to any fall in the standard of customer service, au contraire, it is now more efficient and accommodating.

Submitting a “charter inquiry” is likely lead to a conformation email, then the quotes. These are followed by a phone call to asking if you are happy with the quotes and if you are too busy to chat, the suggestion that email may be a better line of communication.

There is no badgering spam or high pressure sales strategy, just good customer service.

Innovative Travel

What all this leads to is, for many, innovative travel. Chartering a private jet is not simply a case of securing a vastly more comfortable seat – although, obviously, that is one advantage.

When you fly on a private jet you save time. Arriving at the airport just 15 minutes before take-off is normal and this is mainly because you won’t have to stand in line waiting to go through check in.

Once on board, you will be subject to greater privacy and a quieter flight. For many business passengers, this means that they can get on and do some work – most private jet crew will overlook the use of mobile phones and the internet. Beyond this, just like big commercial airlines, charterers ensure that in-flight safety is their number one priority. This means that they will use top-notch ground support equipment and high-quality hydraulic fluids and oils like aeroshell fluid 41 to guarantee smooth operation, and that all of these components will be regularly tested and audited to make sure that they work correctly and your flight is as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Through innovation the world of private jet chartering has become an option for more travellers than ever before, yet it has retained the high standards and luxury that once made it accessible only to the elite – therein is tale of success.



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