ion8 Leakproof Product Reviews

ion8 Leakproof create some cool and useful items to use in your everyday life, in this article, I review the stainless steel Thermos Flask and the ion8 Leakproof Collapsible Straw.

Thermos Flask

Let me answer one of the most important questions, is it BPA free? I can say for sure that it is, 100% BPA free, you won’t be able to wash this in your dishwasher, it is a hand wash only, because of it’s double wall vacuum insulation if keeps the temperature for hours and it preserves the original flavours and freshness.

Let’s talk about the double lock feature, its double lock will ensure that you won’t accidentally spill any liquids over your computer or car while driving, but don’t worry, it won’t be a puzzle to get the flask open, you just simply pull down and push in and you can enjoy your drink.

When you push in to open the lid, it flips all the way backwards, so you’ll just need to make sure that your fingers aren’t in the way or you might feel a little pain.

You will be able to drink hot or cold drinks and there is a protective soft pad on the bottom of the bottle, I find it adds a little more grip onto the surface, making it a little harder to knock over.

The Thermos Flask comes in two different sizes which you can find on ion8’s website, I have the smaller of the two, I have found it a use full item and I will say it has become my new on the go flask for hot drinks.

Collapsible Straw

Having one straw to use on both hot drinks and cold drinks which is also BPA free is a very useful thing to have, not having to worry about wasting plastic, you can do something good for the environment by switching to s straw like this will help reduce plastic waste.

The straw comes in a little case with a spring cleaning brush inside to make sure no bits of orange get stuck after in the straw drinking some orange, juice for example.

The case is small enough to fit into your pocket to take on the go and you can also clip it onto your bag like a keyring if that’s something you wanted to do.

The straw is 9 inches long and you can bend the straw in 4 different places, the whole straw is made of silicone so you can stretch it a little, the metal casing is there to add structure, so it doesn’t flop into your drink.

Having one straw for everything has been very useful, the case is so helpful to transport it, I can place it in my backpack without even noticing it’s there, I think once you have a straw like this you won’t want to go back to a plastic one.

Oliver Walkey

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