Is Matthew Lepre a Scam? Here’s What the Evidence Says

Matthew Lepre, the founder of Ecom Warrior Academy, has been making the waves lately. According to his students, he is the key to making money online.

Some find this too good to be true. As such, people can’t help but ask: Is Matthew Lepre a scam?

If you want to learn more about the entrepreneur, then make sure to read the evidence below.

Matthew Lepre Founded a Successful Dropshipping Business

First things first: Like you, Matt struggled to make money.

He was a dentistry student who decided to drop out. As such, he had to work any open job. He needed to earn a living for his family in Sydney, Australia.

With much patience and determination, he finally had enough money to spend for an online business.

His first eCommerce business dealt with beauty products, from which he earned good pay. He then decided to invest in educational items.

With both stores doing well, he managed to earn a six-figure monthly revenue.

Despite this, Matt decided that he wanted to do more. He took some of the profits he earned to invest in an excellent dropshipping course.

It was worth every penny, as it has fast-tracked him into becoming a self-made millionaire.

If his success story is making you doubt his authenticity, it shouldn’t. He is as legit as the other rags-to-riches tales out there.

Matthew Lepre is Helping Others With His Ecom Warrior Academy

Matt was living the life. He had enough money to live a posh life. While this would already stop others from pursuing their passions, he thought otherwise.

He wanted others to build a better business—just like him.

Because of this, he decided to launch his very own eCommerce training program. Unlike other courses, it does more than help you build an online store.

With Lepre’s Dropshipping Accelerator course, you will learn how to:

• Develop the proper habits, which are the foundations for your success
• Do product research, so your items sell fast at higher prices
• Build an E-commerce store
• Implement Facebook ads to improve sales
• Automate your website for fuss-free management

As you see, these concepts show that Matt’s mentoring program is not a scam. By signing up for this, you can build your businesses well—maybe even better than he did.

Matt’s Ecom Warrior Academy Promotes Effective Dropshipping Techniques

Some free videos promise that you’ll breeze through the market in just a week. But even after you’ve done all the marketing, your sales remain subpar.

With the Ecom Warrior Academy Review, however, you’ll be impressed with the results.

Matthew, for one, only promotes effective strategies. He won’t lull you into quick-money-making techniques. Instead, he’ll focus on strategies that could help you earn a lot of money.

One of his favorite techniques is using Facebook ads. In fact, this is discussed in detail in his Accelerator course.

In his modules, he explains the theory behind social media adverts. He discusses ad spend and optimization and how they can make or break your campaign.

More importantly, he’ll guide you through the process of implementing these ads. That way, you’ll get orders that make the campaign cost worth it.

Scam? The Ecom Warrior Academy Review Page Begs to Differ

If you think that hiring Mathew is a risk, you should try to read the reviews first. As you’ll see, every customer has nothing but praises and support for the entrepreneur.

Don: Made $3,000 a Few Days After the Training Course

For the longest time, Don was searching for a long-term course that can help him with dropshipping. After a few failed attempts, he finally stumbled upon Ecom Warrior Academy.

With the help of Matthew, Don implemented the right scaling strategies. In just a few days, he managed to make $3,000 in sales.

Dev: From Zero to $5,000 in Six Days

Dev was unfamiliar with the dropshipping business model, so he decided to access Lepre’s esteemed course.

It proved to be the best decision he made, as he learned how to make an online shop in just a few hours.

Simply put, his efforts were repaid in just six days. With the help of a few marketing tactics, he logged an impressive $5,000.

Guy: Earned $47,000 Six Months After Trying eCommerce

Like any other affiliate, the 25-year-old Australian had no clue about running a website. So he signed up for the training program, where he received much-needed mentoring from Mathew.

Taking every advice into consideration, Guy managed to grow his Shopify store. In six short months, he made $47,000. He expects to earn more money, all because of the continuous support he receives from Matt and his team.

As the evidence will show you, Matthew Lepre is not a scam. He’s a dropshipping guru who could help you make millions.

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