KAYTEA – Ice Tea For A New Generation

Get ready for some deliciousness, because KayTea is making Ice Tea look cool.

As the sun shines down on you this summer, sunbathing, beach days out and garden parties will soon come into full swing.

Sometimes you just need something to clench your thirst, something smooth and flavoursome, in an easy-to-carry bottle.

Perhaps KayTea has the solution for you, you can find an array of delicious and healthy drinks, including their 3 unique Ice Tea’s.

Delivered to you in a 330ml glass bottle of goodness, KayTea has three flavours of Ice Tea to choose from, including Sparkling Rosay, Paradise Green and Herbal Passion, you can read my tasting notes further on, but they also offer you a sample pack, including two bottles of all three flavours, so you can taste your favourite.

KayTea was created by our main man, Kevin, he’s lived in both North America and Asia, two countries where tea cultures varied from traditional ceremonies to adventurous bubble tea. After packing his bags and moving to London, the capital of tea, Kevin wanted to reinvent the classic cup of tea with an exciting twist. I would say he’s achieved that.

Sparkling Rosay

Aroma – “Imagine the smell of dark pink, this displays pink rose petals, pink guava, and sugar cane.”

Flavour – “An explosion of tiny bubbles on the tongue, pink, cherry, pink roses, pink floral, pink blossom and if you are patience there is a hidden flavour that appears on the length, which is mix of sugar cane, and sweet pink candy.”

I feel that using the word tea might be a bit miss leading, they are something different, displaying characteristics of a whole new tasting experience.

Herbal Passion

Aroma – “Exotic fruits and a mix of fresh and dried pineapple on the aroms.”

Flavour – “Fruity sweet, with exotic and tropical fruits displayed across the palate.”

Paradise Green

Aroma – “A lovely minty aroma with hints of fluffly peach skin.”

Flavour – “A weaker flavour of mint and peach, focuing more on the peach skin, with the mint in the background, a stronger under ripe peach flavour to close.”

Oliver Walkey

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