Little Ms. Pack-Me: 4 Wrapping Skills To Pay The Bills

Businesses come up with a range of ideas to market their products. Looking back, there are probably a few which stick out in your mind. The trade show that went awry, or the novelty stunt that leads to an increase in traffic. As creative as marketers are, and they are because it’s their job, they can often miss what is right under their noses. For all the new age stunts that are available, one which is proven to work is package marketing. As the name suggests, it’s where products use their exterior to catch the customer’s eye.


To make sure you have the wrapping skills to pay the bills, take a look at the ideas below.


Always Opt For Quality


There are numerous factors to take into consideration, and we’ll get to them later on in the post. Regardless, the main thing is to incorporate a strong sense of quality into the designs. For example, you may opt for a colourful and vibrant style which catches the consumer’s attention and lures them in. If so, the drawings must be intricate and complex enough to seem professional. Anything that appears as if a child drew it isn’t going to fly. Don’t forget practicality, either. You can view more by following the link, but remember that a robust, sturdy container is very appealing also. The same goes for size as small and sleek are less of a hassle.


Try Handmade


The next consideration is the brand as a whole. What is it that sets you apart from the competition? Are you a local business who has the ear of the community? If the answer is yes, the packaging should play into the stereotype. Rather than opting for clean-cut, professional wrapping, try handmade designs instead. They can still be quality, although they don’t have to be as on point as customers will give you more leeway. Plus, it helps the base relate and stay loyal. A handmade style reinforces the fact that you’re a local company that puts the customer first.


Promote The Environment


Whether you own an SME or a huge conglomerate, the planet is a big deal regardless. In fact, it’s probably more so for the smaller companies as customers expect them to be less faceless. At the moment, consumers are taking the environment to heart and it’s affecting their purchasing characteristics. To ensure you’re not on the wrong side of the revolution, it’s vital to use eco-friendly materials such as organic or recyclable paper. Then, no one should feel bad about shopping with your organisation. Promote the fact the packaging is sustainable as well, but do it without being self-righteous.


Be Different


Not to sound hipster, but being unique gets attention. And, this is crucial if you’re going to raise brand awareness. A distinctive shape, then, can have an impact on shoppers. Think about the syrup suppliers that sell their products in maple leaf-themed containers. It’s a pretty smart idea, eh?


How do you plan on using packaging to market the brand?



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