Market Yourself To Obtain Your Next Dream Job

Are you stuck in a job that you dislike? Many of us don’t have the privilege to be working within a job role that provides such passion or job satisfaction. A lot of people don’t even know what they want to do for a career until it’s too late. All through college and any other higher education just getting by with subjects or degrees that you think will be worthwhile for the future. However, it is never too late to chase the dream. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can market yourself so that you obtain the dream job. I hope it inspires you to go for it.




Think long and hard about what your passion is


It’s understandable that some people just don’t have that certainty of what they want to do during the school years. However, now is the time to think about what you are interested in. Have you come across a company or brand that you would love to work for? Or are you much more aware of the job options out there and what it is you might like to do? If you are still unsure try and consider what your interests and hobbies are. Often they can be a great hint of the type of job that might be right for you, here are some quotes on living your passion to inspire you.


Check out your social media online presence


Before going for any job you need to do a little work behind the scenes. The main problem for many people these days is social media. A lot of what we do is online. We all have a profile of some sort on many of the different platforms available. Often we don’t have correct privacy settings or security attached to those profiles. Making them open and for public view. What all anyone needs to do is pop a name into a Google search and see what comes up. This is when it’s worth considering what you have on there and what is made public. The last thing you want is any embarrassing pictures surfacing before you attend a job interview. Make sure that your online presence is what you would want people to know or see. Ensure that you are not making any crude or unnecessary remarks, and it might be worth considering the language you use. What is private and for you and your friends is fine, just ensure that you don’t make it public knowledge. You would be surprised how many prospective employers check Facebook profiles and other platforms. It can help them determine the type of person you are.


Another big point is email addresses. Years ago you would use something made up or even funny. However, that may not look completely professional displayed on a job application. Make sure you set up an email address using your name. If it is already taken, adding numbers are always a good option.


Have an engaging CV to send out to prospective job opportunities


It’s important to ensure that you have a relevant and up to date CV when making any job applications. This is your opportunity to highlight and showcase all of your existing experience. It’s a great way to shine through words without even having to meet anyone. It’s normally your first indicator of they type of person you are and whether or not you fit the requirements of the role. If you are unsure of what to include, or how to present one, then check out websites like Purple CV who offer templates and tips.




Do plenty of research in advance of any application submission or interview


Once you land yourself an interview, don’t let yourself down. It’s important that you are up to speed and have a knowledge of the company and the job role. Thankfully, the internet is rife with information. Make sure you check out the company websites and make a note of any policies and company straplines they tend to use. Research on a business shows the prospective employer just how interested you are in the role. It could even give you the edge against other candidates.




Ensure you dress to impress and most importantly appropriately


Finally, the last thing you need to work on is what you are wearing for the interview itself. Dress to impress and make an effort. You may want to wear something smart like a suit. A great piece of advice is to dress for the job you want, so making an effort in your appearance could be a step in the right direction. Often a first impression can be the only impression you get to make, and people do tend to judge on what they see quickly. So don’t fall at the last hurdle, after all the hard work, make sure you look the part as well as acting the part.


I hope these tips help you market yourself for the next dream job.



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