MarTech startup Postoplan a purchases AI technology to edit images in social networks

Postoplan, an AI-powered system for marketing automation on social media platforms, that helps to create, publish and promote content in social media and messengers, to acquire an AI technology for the automatic separation of background layers from the Benzin neural network. It is the world’s first marketing platform for automated posting on social media to integrate neural networks in its image editor.

The company estimates that 50% of its clients will use the tool, saving up to 2 hours of work a week.

One of the neural networks creates the base low-resolution mask, from which the trimap is generated. Another amplifies the details of the resulting mask by using trimap matting technology. The third one amplifies resolution and further defines segmentation with high resolution.

“There were no deals of this sort before, and we are the first to do it. This shows that even such a well-established market may be enriched with new technologies. 24% of our clients that use the editor encounter problems with background and are unable to resolve them quickly because they must use various external editors. Now, with the help of our innovative instrument, it’s all available in one place, on the platform. And this is beneficial since the use of the platform and its capabilities are free of charge for the users,” notes Alex Bozhin, CEO and founder of Postoplan.


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