Maximise your Charity Fundraising Event’s Success

If you’re hosting a charity event, it won’t take you very long during the planning process to realise how much you’ll have to do to ensure it can all go ahead as smoothly as possible. When hosting an event for a good cause, however, there’s a lot more pressure as you’ll want the event to be a huge success and you’ll want to raise as much money as you can.

Therefore we’ve put together some tips for maximising your charity fundraising event’s success to hopefully help you and your good cause!

Ensure people know where it is and when

Ok so this one sounds a little basic and obvious, but it is so important that everyone has the right details for your event, in terms of date, time and location. You won’t want to fall down at this basic and early hurdle, so make sure it’s right and clear! If you’re doing invites, you could even include a map for how to get to the location from the nearest big city, etc.

Advertise it as much as possible

From handing out flyers in the street to posting them through doors, to printing an advert in the paper or having it advertised on the local radio, it’s vital that you get the word out there about your event as much as possible to get people there. Don’t forget to advertise your event on your social media channels, too, and encourage people to share it on theirs as well.

Make sure attendees know lots about your charity

When people arrive at your event, you should give them an idea about who it is that’s hosting it, so they can start to identify with your cause. If they know about you and what you do, they’re much more likely to be more generous when it comes to donating, too. You could have a mini information desk-style exhibition stand near the entrance point of the event, complete with high quality presentation banners and signage to give people some quick and useful information about you.

Consider asking a celebrity to attend

If you really want people to flock in their masses to your event, you’ll need to give them something really appealing to draw them in. One of the best ways to do this that most major charities do is by inviting a celebrity to attend. There’s definitely no harm in sending a few emails round to some famous faces that you think might be interested. The worst they can say is no, after all!

Provide high quality entertainment

Think outside the box with your charity event and make it a great one to remember. Getting some great entertainment is so important, and this can come in many forms. An obvious and popular one is live music. If you want to keep costs down as much as possible but still need the equipment, you could look into options that involve hiring sound systems instead, which will save you a lot of cash.


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