Methods to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

If you are already on social media platforms and are posting regularly but are not receiving the kind of engagement you were hoping for, this is for you. Or perhaps you have no real social media strategy at all or have neglected this entirely, this post is also for you too. These days you need a fully rounded and comprehensive social media marketing strategy to boost brand awareness, build trust and generate more leads. Without social media, you may well be falling further and further behind your competitors. More than half the world’s population uses social media these days, and in first-world countries, this statistic is inflated to around 80% across all platforms. So you can guarantee that whatever product you have to sell, there are plenty of people online who could make use of it. You need a more inclusive strategy than just simply posting and hoping for the best when it comes to promotion. You need to work on a strategy of engagement and attracting users, which calls for more intensive thought.

Create a Brand Story

You may have already put a lot of effort into getting the right branding and developing core values that you can express in key messages, but have you thought about how to convey your brand’s story? A brand with an interesting history and creation story is great for business. It is best you try and generate an emotive response in your target audience as this is a powerful tool. If you can connect on a deep level, you can develop loyalty. Think about the most effective and interesting way you narrate your story to increase your brand awareness. Will people remember your story? Social media may be a highly effective marketing tool, but you need to tap into your target audience’s vulnerabilities and deep interests to inspire and connect with people.

The Right Platforms

Not all social media platforms are created equal. Facebook is great if your sole interest is increasing brand awareness and generate leads. However, it seems that younger people are turning off Facebook preferring other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. So you need to have a rough idea of your target demographic. Social media analytics can actually help you develop this understanding too. If you are interested developing a larger network of influencers and creating meaningful contacts with professionals, Twitter and LinkedIn could be better options. So, you need to know what each platform excels in and create an individual strategy for each, or choose your preferred option and focus on that.

Harness User-Generated Content (UGC)

Harnessing the power of the UGC is a good business strategy. That is because consumers are in the habit of reading many reviews before they buy something. It makes sense that they have the tools at their disposal to do this, and many products are quite the investments. They want to ensure the product is what it says it is and that the brand is trustworthy and worth the money. Consumers are far more likely to trust another consumer than they are a unknown business. Reading reviews, therefore, is something pretty much everyone does before buying, they can put the anxieties to rest as they read other customer experiences. As a savvy marketer, you need to take advantage of these reviews. Conduct a search and share any positive reviews of your product. This a one way to drive sales. Alternatively, you could encourage your existing customers to take the plunge and post images of themselves with your products, for example. They benefit as you will share their content, and you benefit as your product is being seen in a positive and real light.

Engage With Commenters Quickly

An effective social media campaign will ensure that all comments on any post as responded to as quickly as possible. Ideally which the comment is still fresh in the mind of the commenter. This could result in a meaningful and insightful conversation. The more comments on a post, the higher up the special media listings it will appear. They are far more discoverable. By replying quickly, you will also encourage other users to comment too. You want to try and respond by posting comments that are identifiable to your brand and unique, with a view to enhancing the sentiment felt towards your brand and connecting with your target audience.

Magnify Your Reach by Targeting Look-alike Audiences

Don’t simply rely on organic reach. You need to have a proactive approach. Social media algorithms can connect you with look-alike audiences by identifying similar customer profiles.
One way to do this is by uploading some of your best customer email address into Facebook and let Facebook find users with similar profiles. Once you have identified these potential customers, you can run ads with a view to driving traffic to your website. This will help you grow your network.

Use images and Live Videos

If you want to create that personal touch and allow your audience into the heart of your organization, don’t use stock images and videos. Get clever with that personal touch. Images and videos live from within the company can be a powerful tool. You allow people a birds-eye view of the business, and this builds trust and loyalty. It also shows them your money is where your mouth is. If you are as ethical and real as you say you are, that goes a long way.

Make Social Media Marketing an Integral of your Marketing Strategy

If you want to harness the power of social media, you need to make it an essential and integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Do not see it as an aside. Your potential reach on social media is perhaps far greater than any other form of marketing. What’s more, it is more personal and interactive too. Social media can enhance all types of marketing, including MSP Marketing. As more and more people open up social media accounts and turn away from traditional media outlets, you need to adapt to stay ahead.


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