Modern Initiatives In Business: Social Media And Beyond!

Big businesses seem to know everything about us this days. Name? Check. Age? Check. Phone number? Well, if the random cold calls we get are anything to go by – double check! But what a lot of them are lacking? Our e-contact info!

Wait, what?

We’ve talked before about the different ways that more ‘traditional’ businesses can be brought kicking and screaming into the social century. But, what’s really all the more shocking is that a lot of businesses supposedly in touch with modern life aren’t actually getting on board with new systems, new ways of storing customer data, and even, crucially, new ways of interacting with customers – namely, through email marketing and on social media.

There are hundreds – thousands, even – of articles across the web talking about the urgency with which the last few businesses should switch to social media. Luckily, it looks like it’s a battle that’s almost won. But a real concern remains. Many businesses are using outdated systems, which contain way too much data to upgrade. This may be about their customers. It may be about products they have in stock (as well as those they no longer have in). There’s also likely to be an immeasurable amount of historical data, the significance of which might not be easily spotted, and a bit of a nightmare to sort through. So, more often than not, businesses just leave it.  This means they’re at a disadvantage because they’re losing out to those who are more ahead of the game, but it’s a catch 22 – they haven’t got the time to dedicate to switching everything over when they’re already worried about loss! They’re focusing on their marketing or other aspects to try and catch up, not realising that their business may not be standing up enough with its existing structure.

If your business is in a tough situation, using outdated systems or simply bowled over by the sheer amount of data you have, you’ll need to enlist the help of the big leagues to help you sort it all out. DQ Global are great – they can help you integrate and migrate your software, contacts and everything else, so that everything is seamlessly streamlined.

Overall, this type of update will be absolutely crucial for marketing departments everywhere. It is important to understand your customer base – and your product database, too – to see what’s working and what’s not. Once these are taken care of, the rest will follow suit. As for social? What better way to be digital leaders than to also be technological leaders, too.


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