NIO Cocktails

Ready-made cocktails in a simple to use small cardboard box, NIO Cocktails may have perfected the simple to enjoy cocktails, but at what price?

NIO Cocktails have made a vast selection of cocktails including the Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Mai Tai and this Gin Proved one, plus many more well-known favourites, this one was expertly crafted in Milan Italy by Patrick Pistolesi, their Head Mixologist, the Gin they use is Tanqueray London Dry Gin.

Despite being in a small bag in a small cardboard box, the taste quality of the Gin and Rum Cocktail is of a fine standard, I remember being pleasantly surprised when tasting the Rum Cocktail.

Each box contains 100mls to enjoy, although they taste nice and are easy to enjoy, the price that is required to get your hands on one is rather expensive, you can buy a mini box of 3 for £19.50 plus £3 postage, so a whopping £22.50 total for 300mls. a normal-sized bottle of gin is 70cl which is 700mls, that’s 400mls less, and for £22.50 you can find a decent bottle of Gin to enjoy. You can also buy their box of 6 for £39 with free delivery, which is 600mls.

Although they are neatly packaged, with nice branding, easy to store and they didn’t disappoint with the taste, I just find their asking price to be a little expensive for the everyday cocktail drinker, the price feels like it’s aimed more towards the higher income market, but if you’re making more money, you’re most likely going to buy yourself a nice bottle of Gin, fresh ingredients and enjoy it like that.

The obvious advantage of these is the space they take up, you can carry or pack them easily for a picnic, day out or going away for a weekend as they take up less room and obviously won’t break as a glass bottle could. They can also be posted through your letterbox very easily.

Oliver Walkey

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