Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Used Textbooks

Now that you have been out of school for a few months, you might be wondering what to do with your old textbooks that are no longer needed. Maybe you are planning to move and want to get rid of unneeded items like used textbooks. This is a great time to sell used textbooks, as new and returning students are looking to buy used books in good condition. Here are a few tips to earn cash on your collection of used textbooks.

Evaluate your books.

Check each book for publication date and edition. Surprisingly, some older editions may still be used by colleges around the country, so include those in your list of selections to be sold. Set aside those that are heavily notated or in poor condition, with torn pages or a worn cover. Those might be better donated to a thrift store than offered for resale, as the books to be sold should be in good or fair condition. If they are dusty or have stains and fingerprints on the cover, gently wipe them off.

Organize books by topic.

Sort the books for sale by discipline. For example, put all the English books together, the math books in a pile, and do the same with others, like science books, etc. You might be able to organize the stacks even further. For example, English books can be oriented toward writing, or composition, studies as well as literature classes. Science texts can be categorized by geology, biology, physics, and so on. This will make it easier when entering ISBN numbers into the online book buyer slots for identification and consideration purposes.

Be inclusive.

Add auxiliary readings that might be reusable in other classes. For example, in addition to regular course textbooks, history class professors might have assigned you biographies of famous people to read, or specialty works on major events like global wars or government policy. Literature instructors probably assigned literary works by authors that were studied, such as a play, poem or short story collection, or novels. Add these to your pile of books to be offered to an online bookseller. Reference works, guides, and handbooks can also be offered as potential buy-back items.

Compare online book dealers.

Book buy-back dealers typically look for similar kinds of texts, but some also include speciality niches and unique searches. Read the website description for what they are looking for. This will save you time when entering ISBN numbers, titles, and editions if they are not buying some of the books you have for sale. Also check services like whether they provide a shipping label and pay mailing costs. Look at prices, of course, as well as payment options. Avoid lesser-known book buyers or individuals, most of which are probably fine, but you may do better with a well-known entity like that has an established reputation.

List your books.

Carefully enter the required information for each textbook. It is easy to make a typo when entering long ISBN numbers, so proofread afterward for accuracy. You will probably get a prompt response as to whether the listed books are of interest, and if so, the offered purchase price. You can always try another book buyer if you think the offered price is too low, or you can keep your books if you feel they are worth more or may have later sentimental value. Keep in mind, though, that the older that books become, the more value they lose.

Follow shipping directions.

If you decide to sell some or all of your offered books, the buyer may provide a printable shipping label. Check the detailed guidelines to ensure the books are shipped appropriately. If a mistake is made, payment may be delayed. Keep a record of your shipped books and the agreed-on sale price for verification later, if needed.

Wait for the sale to be processed.

Based on the stated processing time, wait for your shipment to be confirmed as received or for payment to be issued as specified. Don’t contact the buyer before the designated time unless there is an error, such as you realizing you accidentally included a wrong book in the sale. If payment does not arrive as indicated, contact the company to follow up.

Selling former textbooks is a good way to keep the books usable for other students. You can also make some spare cash as well as clear out some storage space at home by offering them for sale. Check out your accumulated textbooks to see if you can sell any to a book buyer online.


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