Office Design Trends to Liven up the Workplace

The majority of the population spends a huge chunk of their life at work, contributing to society while also earning the money to pay their bills and put food on the table. Unfortunately, however, not everyone loves what they do and a recent survey showed 16% of people in the UK actively dislike or even hate their jobs, with another 20% harbouring no feelings either way.

That means more than one in three people would not go as far to say they like what they do for a living, and perhaps that is partly due to their physical working environment. It’s fair to say that a drab, grey office may not invoke enthusiasm in the average worker, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some ideas for design trends that could help to lift the mood around any office space.

Plants and living walls

A little greenery can help bring the outdoors inside, especially on those damp, grey January mornings. A strategically placed pot plant here and there can also provide a splash of colour, while a living wall can prove a focal point of the room, making a nice change from a boring whitewashed space adorned by little more than the fire alarm evacuation plan.

Light and colour

Similarly, moving away from the usual shades of white and cream on the walls can really help to improve the aesthetics of the office. Bright, eye-catching colours or murals can make for a much more pleasant working area, while letting in light or blocking glare from your monitors with the likes of Swift Direct Blinds will add versatility and mean employees can work comfortably in any conditions.

Quiet zones

While open plan offices are increasingly the norm, sometimes employees can become distracted and feel the need to gain some privacy, perhaps to plan their next project in peace or to focus all their attention on that important client call. The addition of small, partitioned and soundproofed areas will give employees the option of removing themselves from the main working space and enjoying some quiet time to focus the mind.

Recreational areas

Sometimes, we all need a break from the working day and adding in areas for leisure or games can help to break up the monotony. For example, finding room for a pool table or ping pong table will give employees a welcome rest from staring at their screens, while also encouraging them to interact socially with other members of their team in a more relaxed environment – as long as the games don’t become overly competitive!


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