Old-School Marketing Strategies That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Thanks to the power and reach of the internet, many business owners have stopped placing their focus on old-school marketing strategies, and concentrate on digital methods instead.

And to be honest, there is a need for this. For any business to survive in the modern world, it is vitally important to follow the marketing trends that are guaranteed to win over new customers. It can be cost-effective too, as marketing through email, social media, etc., can be done at little or no cost.

But should we forget the marketing strategies that, once upon a time, were common amongst business owners? We don’t think so. Consider the following then, and heed our suggestions on why they are still important.

#1: Promotional branding

You can brand nearly anything, from t-shirts and pens to the vans and cars that are used in your business fleet. And while there will be an expense when using a branding company, know that it can be cost-effective.


Because people don’t spend the entirety of their days hooked to the internet. People still attend trade shows. They still attend community events. They still grab a coffee at the local cafe or diner. These are the places where you can hand over your pens, mugs, and other branded items to the people that are around you. You can sneakily leave your branded items lying around too, such as a pen near the newspapers your local cafe provides.

And people spend much of their time on the road. So, if you could coat your personal or business vehicles in branded decals, people are going to see them. You could even pick up a used vehicle from a company such as TraderVan, with the specific intent to pay somebody to drive it around those areas of your town that befit your chosen demographic.

Think of the items you could brand then, and get them out into the world where people can see and obtain them.

#2: Offline advertising

Yes, you can advertise your business using Facebook Ads or Google AdSense, but as we said, people do spend their time doing other things. Well, most people anyway!

You see, people still watch television. They still listen to the radio. They still pick up a newspaper from the store and read the free papers that fall through their letterboxes. And as we said above, people do spend a lot of time on the roads, which means they will spot the billboards that form a part of their journey. It makes sense then, for you as a business owner, to consider each of these platforms for your advertising.

And what about cinema advertising? Many multiplexes play local ads before the main attraction begins. And then there’s business cards, flyers, and good old-word-of-mouth to consider too. These methods aren’t redundant, so in your bid to get as many customers as you can to your business, explore the many possibilities that are open to you.


As a business owner, we know you need to keep costs down. We know too that you need to stay in line with the shift in the consumer marketplace. For these reasons, we wholeheartedly advocate any digital marketing method you have at your disposal. But remember that there is a world beyond the smartphones and computers that your potential customers will be exploring, so when you have the funds to do so, consider those old-school marketing strategies that could help you to promote your business.


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