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Shout About Launch Industry-Led Podcast

It’s been well documented that we are the average of the five people we most associate with, and when it comes to business, it’s even more important to consider our peer groups.

As a progressive creative events agency, Shout About constantly look at ways to surround themselves with like-minded and passionate individuals – those with a similar outlook who absolutely love what they do. This yearning for better (and real) connections led the agency to launch their very own podcast; Shout About London.

Focusing on giving Londoner’s an insight into some of the city’s greatest experiences and best venues, the Shout About London podcast digs deep into the entrepreneurial spirit behind each venue/ enterprise/ brand, in a way that no other podcast has done to date.

“It’s an excellent way for us to connect with the personalities behind the coolest places to be, helping us expand our network of the industry’s future leaders in a fun, relaxed and personal way that ensures you build a true connection.” – Shout About.

Interview led, each show allows entrepreneurs to talk about their latest ventures, reminisce about their first job, share stories on their biggest failures and/ or successes and generally have a laugh. But it isn’t all just for fun. With a thriving events business, Shout About follow-up with new bookings, relevant introductions and collaborations – anything that will help with business growth.

“This is great for the guests on the show, but it’s also great for us! All the while, we’re fast becoming known as super-connectors to our clients. The people who know the people to see in the places to be.” – Shout About.

With an enviable list of guests from the likes of Backyard Cinema, Flight Club, Swingers, The Crystal Maze, Luna Cinema, Jimmy Garcia and Draughts having already featured on the show, it appears Shout About are certainly keeping themselves in good company.

Thinking about starting your own podcast? Shout About share their top five tips for making this authentic platform a vital business tool:-

1. A good guest is everything – invite guests on who are primarily connected to your industry, but let them have free reign to talk and share stories. The open-endedness of the podcast allows for brilliant anecdotes to emerge, meaning it will never become boring to you or your listeners.

2. Don’t sweat mistakes – they are going to happen, so just roll with it. Besides, listeners may not ever pick up on it, and they’ll always be the next podcast to rectify anything.

3. Know your audience – target your perfectly produced podcast at everyone and it will resonate with no one. Think about where you can really add value and focus on that.

4. Behind the scenes are just as important – we are talking about the production team here, or at least an adept producer. Our first show sounded like it was recorded in the bath as we didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t sweat it, instead we hired the best producer we could afford.

5. Be Patient – podcasts take time and it could take years before you see a return financially (if ever).

For the Love of London


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