5 Top Design Tools For Small Businesses

In the world of modern branding, excellent design work is crucial. Whether it’s the typography of your logo or the photos you choose to share online, everything you put out there must look professional, high quality and consistent. The good news is, you don’t need to be a skilled graphic designer to create professional looking design work. To give design a go yourself, check out these four options.

1 . Canva

Canva is an excellent design platform, which enables businesses to create professional-quality designs. Here you’ll find an easy to use drag and drop interface and a huge library of fonts, graphics and photographs. You don’t need any graphic design skills to use Canva; it’s a fully accessible and easy to use platform. For blog content, social media posts, printed leaflets or presentations Canva has endless possibilities. Using the software, you’ll access a wide range of features including a photo enhancer, design grids, 8,000 templates, image transparency tools and web wireframe.

  1. Piktochart

Piktochart is an excellent platform for creating infographics. It’s a straightforward solution which doesn’t require lots of experience to use. With this app, you’ll find a range of maps, charts and graphics-all ready to use. Using Piktochart, you can create high-quality slides, reports, posters and more. You’ll be able to create ready to publish infographics, whether for your social media or your blog. There are a range of nifty features to help you achieve your projects including a resizable canvas, charts, interactive maps and high resolution downloads.

  1. Pablo 

From the creators of Buffer, Pablo is a top design based application. Here you can create product images and quotes. There are plenty of photos for you to customize and edit for your marketing needs, plus it’s a free service. Using Pablo, text editing is dead simple; you simply hover the cursor in the right place to make changes. The tool integrates with Buffer so you can design and upload your image quotes with ease. Pablo offers over 600 images, plenty of filters and quick options to share and download. To improve your digital marketing campaigns and online presence, Buffer and Pablo provide the perfect combo.

  1. Infogram

Infogram allows users to design charts, reports and infographics with ease. The app arrives with 20+ ready-made themes plus features to help you customize these designs. You can use flags, photos, GIFs and icons; all royalty-free and easy to personalize. There’s an easy to use drag and drop editor to add icons or adjust the display. Further features include importing data, code export and team functionality. With a little help from Infogram, you’ll soon be a real infographics whizz.

No matter which type of business you run, high-quality design work is crucial. Whether it’s the logo for your Personalised Hoodies or the images for your social media posts; the design must be high quality. With beautifully designed marketing campaigns and brand aesthetics, you’ll ensure that you create the right impression in the eyes of the consumer.


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