Proven Marketing Tactics to Grow Followers and Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is the new and one of the best way to make a profit for a lot of businesses. Records state that around 80 percent of the users follow a brand on Instagram and it is no wonder why businesses of varied market and sizes use Instagram to get customers and prospects.

Instagram is a huge social platform we are keen to focus on. We at Plush Online Casino has uncovered some of the marketing tactics that could help you grow a more relevant audience on Instagram. People of various professions and different businesses can make use of Instagram. Read on to figure out the best proven Instagram tactics.

Consistent posting

In a nutshell, the more often the posts, the more likes and followers are obtained. A study done on 100,000 Instagram profiles concluded the posts had better reach when the content was added frequently. A consistently updating profile will have seven times more followers than the profile which doesn’t.

Stories, live videos and videos

Instagram has many features which can be used by the businesses to get potential conversions. This includes live videos, stories and so on. Also, several changes can be noticed when a business engages in live videos and videos. The average engagement of the users will be growing faster than the normal rate. Also, when an account goes live on Instagram it appears at the first place in the stories feed. Statistics reveal that more than 250 million people use Instagram every single day.

Hashtags based on research

Hashtags are one of the important things which should be considered when posting. The correct use of hashtags can take the post to the right audience. The correct use of best trending hashtags research can take the post to the right audience. Hashtags will help the followers to reach the content they prefer. In addition to the hashtags, the location feature also helps a profile to gain more followers.

Sharing user-generated content

One of the best and easiest ways for the brands to get more followers is by posting content generated by their user base. The brands can either conduct a contest or simply can use the content of the user while giving credit to the real source.


If one had the budget for potential collaboration, then the account will gain several followers based on the level of the collaborator. Some brands even reach out to Instagram marketers to promote their account. One of the examples of is Daniel Wellington which is a Swedish watch manufacturer which increased its followers from 850,000 to 2.1 million in one year through influencers.

Choosing the best time for posting

The best time for posting should be decided by the account based on the data from the posts. Instagram offers metrics of the posts if the account is a business account. Therefore, the best time to be posted should be based on the reaction of the followers.

Followers from other networks

Instagram allows the user to post on few other platforms such as Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter. Once the user links up his other network accounts with his Instagram account it is then easier to post every time.

Instagram can be a great marketing and prospect-gaining tool if used appropriately. Having an effective Instagram plan will hardly fail to produce results. Using the mentioned insights, a great Instagram strategy can be formulated.


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